You Won’t Believe What the WH Tries to Spin After Biden’s Close Contact With Covid Infected Pelosi


The Biden Administration’s inability to respond to constituents is the most frustrating thing. They are driven by narrative and not what is best for the country. While their responses to questions are often deflections that make no sense, it’s not uncommon for them to respond to questions with such terrible answers that it is hard to believe that they even care.

Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary) responded to a question regarding Joe Biden’s contact and Nancy Pelosi (D.CA), whose positive attitude has been toward COVID. At Wednesday’s event, she also held Biden’s hand and kissed his cheek.

Psaki stated that close contact with this person was not considered “close”.

Doocy asked: How can you claim that President Biden was not in close contact with Speaker Pelosi? Psaki said that it wasn’t the CDC’s standard for contact.

This seems absurd from the outside. This is absurd on the surface. The virus cannot be activated if it goes off for more than 15 minutes. You can still be safe if you wait 14 minutes. Even if Biden is slobbering all over you. He signed two bills and she kissed her.

It is important to make a sound judgment. Americans are not bound by a CDC rule. Biden’s interaction with Pelosi was clearly “close contact”, which could potentially have exposed Biden.

Kamala Harris kept in touch with her Communications Director Jamal Simmons. He was also informed of the news. She is still following her regular routine.

It is easy to see if she is following the CDC guidelines. She votes on Ketanji Brown Jackson on Thursday, April 7.

These people think it’s cool to have little children masked at school for seven hours per day.

When they try to sell us things like this that are so silly, how much are they spinning that is less obvious?