You Won’t Believe All of The Insanity Going on in Our World, Did Steve Martin Just Kill Cancel Culture?


Here’s a quick video to help you lose any faith in humanity before we move on to today’s main story.

This is not a sane world:

It’s a joy for me to see my children, who are often too old to understand the contents of their underwear, try to explain to me what parenthood is.

Steve Martin: Another Damn Thing About Which We Don’t Need to Worry:

On the 44th anniversary, of King Tut’s debut, I am proud to praise it, and not embalm it.

Before I begin, two quick thoughts about my failed attempt to cancel Steve Martin’s contract.

The first is the genius hidden beneath the superficiality of King Tut.

Martin, an art collector, mocked the Tutankhamen tour’s commercialization by using a parody song.

King Tut is a typical Martin: A seamless mix of highbrow, lowbrow.

Although the song is silly, it’s not completely absurd. There are gems such as “He gave up his life for tourism” or “Now, if they’d line up just to see him, then I’d have taken all of my money and bought me an entire museum.”

There’s also the meta-layer. Martin mocked commercialism by using a bit that, by design, instantly became his most commercial. The song was performed to sold-out crowds in stadiums.

What does a bit from Jimmy Carter’s presidency have to do 21st Century cancel culture?

This is where Mark Dice explains the second thought. Dice explained the operation of the Twitter Outrage Machine:

Dice said, “They do it to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Twitter inserts a topic manually into the list. People look at the topic and assume everyone is tweeting about it. Then, people start tweeting about the issue and it becomes a viral phenomenon.

After Silver Age Television tweeted about King Tut’s anniversary on SNL, “Steve Martin” briefly became a trending topic. It became a trend because of some zero-humor wokester.

But it’s only a brief one.

Mediaite tried its best to generate heat yesterday with this headline:

Steven Martin’s 1978 ‘King Tut’ Sketch Sparks Twitter Debate about Cultural Appropriation.

Steven Martin?

However, the story showed that there was more than a “Twitter discussion.”

Mediaite found two tweets that were barely critical from a few Blue Checks with low followers.

The Twitter Outrage Machine was brought to life and almost immediately ran outgas.

Perhaps it’s because Twitter was so outraged by the Elon Musk buyout that they didn’t have any time to think about Martin.

Perhaps it is because of the gentle genius and bulletproof nature of King Tut.

Perhaps it’s because Cancel Culture, as every other leftist revolutionary movement, has finally died from the blood it drank.

Maybe there is more…

Steve Martin was a poor black child.

A Brief Palate Cleanser Before We Continue:

My Golden would have eaten the larger portion so quickly that he wouldn’t even be aware that it was gone.

Your Weekly Dose Of Mostly Peaceful Protest

2024 Democratic choice: “Not Sure” beats Biden (28%-19%).

Don’t tell me, Democrats, that you are done with him.

A new I&I/TIPP poll found that only 29% of Democrats voted for President Joe Biden. At 12%, Vice President Kamala Harris was tied with “Not sure”

That’s Biden’s base. Add in Republicans and Independents and the president’s national survey score drops to 19%. This is a huge drop from 28% for “Not Sure”.

Biden cannot be at the top in ’24.

The question is: How can he be stopped?

Will he resign, or will he be 25th out for health reasons? Heh, will he do a Johnson (heh), and decline to run again? Will he be primary?

Are the Dems still with him and giving him their support?

What did you pay for?

College backs controversial ‘hardcore pornography’ class

OK, groomer:

Twitter shared a screenshot of the course description, encouraging people to sign a petition calling for the cancellation of the class. The petition had over 1,500 signatures as of Sunday evening.

“The Supreme Court defined obscenity to be “completely devoid” of any scientific, political, educational or social value. We are in agreement. The petition states that pornography has no educational value and is not allowed in schools.

“In these classes, students and teachers are exposed to pornography in a classroom. This creates an unsafe environment and normalizes pornography within the culture. These classes are not Utah values, and they have no place in the Utah education system.

Westminster College declined to comment on The College Fix’s course content.

It’s almost impossible to find enough pr0n online for traditional industries.

The cost of a year in Westminster is $49,890. This includes room and board.

These facts are a great way to prove my long-held belief that college students are stupid.

What was the clincher? All I did in my sophomore year.

Is Hunter Biden HIV-Positive?

Hunter pleads to Beau, his brother, to get HIV Hallie tested. This is Hunter’s desperate plea to Beau’s wife toward the end of their tumultuous affair.

It’s been over 20 years since I was a wild single — though to be fair, it wouldn’t have occurred to me at the time to nail my brother’s widow — so maybe this is a case of out-of-date.

Is there any reason, other than to be certain you have it, to tell the woman with whom you’ve been having sex that she needs rapid HIV testing?

You can find many more bizarre details at this link if they are acceptable to you.