Whoopi Goldberg’s Argument With Fellow “The View” Host Over Hollywood Elite


Whoopi Goldberg, actress, and host of “The View” doesn’t like “Hollywood Elite,” but she does enjoy being an actor. On Thursday’s episode, Goldberg and Tara Setmayer got into an argument, when Setmayer expressed that the actresses and actors who gave Will Smith a standing ovation after he hit Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, made her sick.

Setmayer accurately described one reason Hollywood is considered a cesspool for hypocrisy by describing how celebrities preach to others and then engage themselves in the worst behavior. Smith was one shining moment.

Setmayer’s rant was the occasion when he coined the term “Hollywood elite”, which went on to make Goldberg mad.

Goldberg said, “I’m sorry. As one of those people, I had to stop you.”

Goldberg then made excuses for her celebrity co-stars, trying to claim that Smith only received a standing ovation from them because they were too busy being in the moment and didn’t have enough time to think about what they were doing. Setmayer didn’t buy it.

Goldberg reached her true point when she stopped using the term “Hollywood elite”.

“I want to stop talking about the ‘elite’ stuff because many of us work for a living. We work. We collect a check. We have families. We do the same thing as everyone else, and we try to do the good stuff. It really irks me when people start talking about Hollywood actors and all other people,” Goldberg stated.

Please be specific when talking about actors. She added that if you are upset about someone or their acting, it’s not fair to all of them.


Behar tried to agree with Whoopi, but Setmayer made clear that this was a perfect example of Hollywood’s elitism.

Setmayer is correct.

Celebrities live in a bubble that is very tight. This results in bizarre opinions and stances that are very disconnected from reality, or at least from average Americans. People preach to us about the awfulness of our voting and thoughts, but they don’t seem to know much about life in general. These people treat us with contempt, despite the fact they don’t have any moral high ground. They say we are irresponsible about the climate while flying in private jets. They say we shouldn’t have guns and should hire private armed security.

Hollywood is full of sexual assault, pedophilia, and radical leftism. Goldberg is a prime example of elitism. In January, Goldberg claimed the Holocaust wasn’t about race, and effectively called it white on white violence. Goldberg was apparently furious at the punishment and threatened to quit the show after a two-week suspension.

Stephen Colbert stated that it was worth paying more for gas in order to have a clean conscience. It’s a shallow and disconnected view to consider that Colbert, a man who is worth $75 million, will not feel the same sting at gas pumps as someone who works two jobs to provide a roof over their heads. It’s worse than Colbert was only talking about disconnected elitist talk to defend the Biden administration, which had created America’s energy crisis.

Bette Midler, angry at Joe Manchin’s refusal to allow Democrat legislation through, called West Virginians “poor and illiterate” and issued a quick apology. However, few people believed her.

Celebrities wore Brady Campaign gun control bracelets in 2016 to try to persuade Americans to support Democrat-backed antigun legislation. This happened while they were attending an Oscars with enhanced armed security.

Goldberg said that she was one of these celebrities. She is just as elitist and apathetic as the rest of her industry. Even if she makes excuses for their actions, she’s showing how out-of-touch she really is.