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We Are Not A Child Care Center: Teachers Union Boss Pushes To Keep Schools Closed, Claims Parents Want Babysitting

Pennsylvania mother Clarice Schillinger claims she has evidence that teachers unions are actively “strong-arming” schools to stay closed. Founder of the Keeping Kids in School PAC, Clarice filed a right to know request with her local school district and received eye-opening documents in return — including a shocking memo from the district’s teachers union president directly to the superintendent.

Clarice joined Glenn Beck on the radio program with the details and advice for parents who want to make a difference.

“I got about 70 emails … and I received this email back. It’s so disturbing. The president of the teachers union [Brian Moore] notes, ‘We are not a child care center. I fear babysitting drove parents to demand an amount of in-person instruction.’ That is gut-wrenching, not just for parents, but also for teachers. He has totally disregarded the importance, and how

“Are you ready for the icing on the cake?” she added. “Brian Moore, president of the teachers union, sends his daughter, ever since August, five days a week, in-person instruction, to a Catholic school.”

“Our children are really suffering at the greatest extent,” Clarice said. “Really, truly. I know you understand the anxiety, the depression, the failing rates. What about the people that can’t afford that option, like [Moore] chose, or Catholic school? I mean, we’re already paying so much money in school taxes, and then here he’s sending his child [to a private school.] It’s just so heartbreaking. Our children have not been to school for a year, Glenn, a year.”

Watch the video below to catch more of this important conversation:

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Author : Blazetv Staff

Source : The Blaze : ‘We are not a child care center’: Teachers union boss pushes to keep schools CLOSED, claims parents want ‘babysitting’

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