Waukesha Killer GoFundMe Declined


GoFundMe has withdrawn the crowdfunding campaign to pay the bail of Darrell Brooks Jr.

Brooks’s bail was to be paid by $5 million through the fundraiser.

James Norton created the page and claimed to have known Brooks personally. He insisted that Brooks wasn’t guilty.

Norton wrote, “As someone who knew Darrell personally, I can assure you that he would never do such a thing” Brooks could also be “another black person behind bars in a purely political and racist trial,” he claimed.

Norton stated, “There is no excuse to continue treating black Americans by prosecutors across the country. Everyone must be presumed innocent till proven guilty and we request that he be treated as any other citizen in this country and should be released until proven guilty.”

A spokesperson for GoFundMe stated to New York Post, “Removed the fundraiser prior to any funds being raised because it violates GoFundMe Terms of Service.”

GoFundMe stated that Norton was banned from using the platform in future fundraising campaigns. They added that “fundraisers that misuse funds are extremely rare and we take all complaints very seriously.” “Our team collaborates with law enforcement to report problems and assist them in any investigations that they deem necessary.”

GoFundMe’s terms prohibit “raising money to support an alleged violent crime.” However, was eventually allowed to continue after Rittenhouse’s acquittal. However, the site was accused of ineligibly enforcing a ban on fundraising money for violent crime suspects. because it allowed Rittenhouse to raise funds for BLM activists who were violent while Rittenhouse’s were denied.

Brooks was released from jail after posting $1,000 bail in his case for running over his girlfriend. In this case, Brooks was out on the streets after posting $1,000 bail for running over his girlfriend and causing injury. This has caused considerable uproar and undercuts Democrats’ criminal justice platform that calls for reform to bail. The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), which was established in the wake of the Minneapolis riots that followed George Floyd’s death, raised millions to bail out rioters. Kamala Harris supported the fund.

Joe Biden, who claimed that cash bail was “the modern-day debtors’ prison”, also supported the cause during the campaign. He called for reform to bail. Bail reform made it possible for Joe Biden to return to the streets after the Waukesha massacre.