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Watch Media Stars Eat Up Andrew Cuomo’s Lies Before He Was Exposed As A Fraud

Gov. Andrew Cuomo now stands exposed as a liar and a fraud: For months, he claimed that New York was doing far better against the virus than other states when it came to nursing-home death rates — even as he had his staff suppressing the data that proved otherwise.

He actually wrote a book about his supposed successes at the very time he was supervising the cover-up and calling everyone who questioned his version of reality a politically motivated liar.

A particular target of his “It’s all politics” lies was The Post, which first exposed the deadly order that forced nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients whom hospitals wanted to dump.

But most of the national media ate up his lies hook, line and sinker. Indeed, for months they fawned over him — insisting he was confronting reality, the exact opposite of then-President Donald Trump.

In other words, much of the press was cluelessly aiding his cover-up rather than doing their jobs of getting to the truth.

Lest the public forget, the Media Research Center has compiled a highlights (lowlights?) reel of all the fawning over Cuomo. It’s worth a watch — and don’t miss the bit where CNN let the gov’s own brother push him as a presidential candidate.

Author : Post Editorial Board

Source : Ny Post : Watch the media stars eat up Andrew Cuomo’s lies before he was exposed as a fraud

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