Utah Newspaper is For Forced Vaccines


Utah has experienced an influx in refugees from other states over the past few years, just like many “red” States. Many have fled California Governor Gavin Newsom’s progressive nuclear policies. Others have moved here because of companies like Facebook or Google. Many believe these companies are coming to the region to attract blue voters. It is likely that Utah has long been a state that is very business-friendly and has attracted many tech firms. This is why the term “Silicon Slopes” was coined. The fact that Google and Facebook have moved to a state once associated with values they don’t like to be able to benefit from the economic policies demonstrates the progressivism scavenger mentality.

Personal observation has shown that the most significant effects of the arrivals from other states include an increase in crime, traffic, housing prices, and smog. Add to that the continuing destruction of the environment as builders rush to build new homes. As wealthy out-of-staters buy their slice of paradise, the lights from new homes continue to climb higher up the mountainsides. It’s funny how progressives can have an irreversible impact on the environment. I thought they were against it. They might reclaim the mountainsides if and when they return home.

There is a possibility that Utah could turn from purple to blue. This drift has been happening for years and it is unlikely that an influx of outlanders will stop it.

Although Utah is conservative in large part, Salt Lake City has been a stronghold of left-wing politics for many years. This op-ed in Salt Lake Tribune was not surprising to me. However, the last paragraph made me raise my eyebrows, though not as much as the House speaker.

“If Utah were a civilized state, the governor would next try to get a way to force the mass vaccination campaign that we should have started a year ago. He would even deploy the National Guard to make sure that no one without proof of vaccination is allowed anywhere.

And there it is. Policy advocacy by force.

Let me clarify: I have had three vaccines. This is the right decision for me. I have very specific reasons. While it may not have been the best decision for your neighbors, or for you personally, it was the right one for me. This is up to you and your doctor. Sometimes, antivaxxers’ protestations can become just as tiring as panic-mongers. The meme claiming that doctors and nurses will be tried for war crimes in the future is particularly popular.

Sometimes I wonder if my classical liberal nature is more than others. In short, I was able to go from the hard left and hard right in very little time. I can’t imagine myself ever going back to being a leftist again after seeing statements like the one above. It is Orwellian to want to silence all conversations and enforce one’s preferred policy with the implicit threat of violence. This is not only Orwellian but follows in the footsteps of Mao, Pol Pot, and Stalin, whose crimes against mankind are largely whitewashed due to his political affiliation. It also follows the footsteps of Hitler. Yes, that Hitler. That one with the swastika, which progressives love to use as a brand for anyone who disagrees or wants to share information about COVID that’s not approved by state media. One opinion or one policy can be allowed. If you disagree with them, it is possible to marginalize you. However, it appears that they would not have any problem with you looking down the barrel of a gun.

The left, despite repeated claims of being victimized and marginalized, seems to be okay with using its iron fist whenever it suits its needs. Although the left claims to value freedom and love, it seems that power is what they love most. History has shown that a love for power is dangerous. The people responsible for these disastrous results often obtained power for the “greater good.” Evil is always evil, no matter which side it comes.