Unvaxxed Families Are Being Kicked Out Of The Ronald McDonald House


A Ronald McDonald House (RMH), Canada facility, is removing all children over 5 years old who aren’t vaccinated. This includes families with children with leukemia.

Austin Furgason received a notice informing him that non-vaccinated persons have approximately two weeks to either get the vaccine or vacate RMH in British Columbia. His 4-year-old son, who has leukemia and is currently in the hospital with his family, has been there since October 2021.

Furgason requested an explanation, and it was captured on camera.

Families who are already at the RMH can get their first dose up to January 31.

Furgason said that Lindsey, her wife, was crying on the bed. “I told her, she’s going to ask the manager because this isn’t even real.”

Furgason correctly points out in the video that Bat Soup Flu can be transmitted to the unvaccinated just as easily.

Furgason stated that no matter what beliefs people may have, they all donate to the RMH because they want to save the lives of dying children. This would have been the best thing to unify our country. Yet, they continue to find ways to divide us and segregate us more.

A friend set up a GoFundMe page for the Furgasons asking for $5,000. They are currently at $160,000