Ukrainians Are Worried About Their Loved Ones


Poltava is Ukraine’s northeastern province and home to approximately 280,000 people. According to Ukrainian sources, airstrikes have been conducted in the area.

Oksana is a young woman from Poltava. Oksana used to babysit my son in all things, except bloodline.

Oksana posted the following message to Facebook hours ago.

TO ALL MY FOREIGN FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES: I’m as safe as possible in such a situation. Putin is a killer. Kindergartens, orphanages, civil homes… everything is bombed and shelled. He’s lying about attacking only military units. Our army puts its lives to defend. We are organizing help for the army. Mostly medical. And trying to help refugees. Russians are under propaganda influence. They think they are doing the right thing. They love wars and investing them from their taxes…ANYWAY, we need help. WHAT YOU CAN DO ? Apart from medical and financial help…Address your governments to close the sky so we will have to protect our country only on land. And we need SWIFT to be banned for invaders…And a lot of your prayers! It’s very hard and a lot of people are losing homes, lives, close people but nobody is giving up!

The United States considers war to be a foreign entity. The United States has always considered war a foreign entity.

Some people don’t have this luxury.

This may not be true when written words from a family member describe war’s horrifying, omnipresent horror. This does not take place in Washington, D.C., which is where the walking pastry puffs brag about their guilt. (Here’s a hint: The man who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has much, far more to do than the previous tenants.) Let’s send another kid to fight this war.

The truth is that bombs don’t care. Bombs have one goal. To make it as difficult for you to find the target once it has hit it.

This is the war at home. It is comforting the woman I couldn’t love more as a daughter if she were my own, as she comforts her children. At their respective ages, these kids’ sole life concerns should be that first job, first date, first crush, and did they get their homework done in time to turn in tomorrow morning. Not wondering if the nice woman from next door who used to babysit them when mom was at work will be seeing another sunrise.