U.S. and NATO Imposing No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine Would Cause WWIII


Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President. He asked NATO leaders for a no-fly zone to be established above Ukraine while it fights against Russia.

A no-fly zone would allow U.S. aircraft to fly simultaneously with Russian planes. Dan Hoffman, former CIA Station Chief in Moscow, said that this would increase the risk of American planes shooting down Russian planes.

No-fly zones prevent aircraft from flying in a particular area. This can also be used as a protection measure to stop military aircraft from attacking a conflict zone.

Hoffman stated that there has been “no direct or consequential engagement with Russia or the Soviet Union since Cold War.”

He said, “That’s why our soldiers don’t raise their guns and shoot them in the face or vice versa.”

The United States has not been involved in proxy wars against Russia since World War II. An American no-fly zone would alter this situation and place U.S forces in direct conflict against the Russians.

We repeat it every day: “Close the sky Ukraine!” Zelenskyy stated it in a Twitter clip posted Sunday with English subtitles.

His appeals were rejected.

NATO, the White House, and other U.S. officials deny that the no-fly zone was imposed. Some U.S. leaders have said that such a move could lead to devastating consequences.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated that the only way to establish a no-fly zone was to send NATO fighter aircraft into Ukrainian airspace and then enforce it by shooting down Russian planes.

Russia and the no-fly zone could engage in a direct military confrontation This could lead to a WWIII in which nuclear power countries like the U.S. and France would be matched.

Recent polls conducted by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that 74% support a no-fly zone. Leaders in the United States believe the problem is much more complex than prohibiting flights over Ukraine.

If people can understand it, it is World War III.” Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio stated Saturday on ABC’s “This Week.” It’s not something everyone should adhere to. The Russian Federation’s willingness and ability to shoot down their planes is what marks the beginnings of World War III.

Democrats, including Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, have expressed concerns about a no-fly zone.

Murphy stated, “It’s important to clarify that our country isn’t going into war against Russia.” This would have been the start of WWIII and would result in a larger war across Europe.

Zelenskyy addressed these concerns Monday, saying that Russian aircraft bombing his country and schools should be “shot down” in order to save lives. ”

He told ABC News that he was certain that American soldiers would have shot down the plane because it flew toward students.

Some Senators from the United States have suggested that the no-fly zone option should be retained. A humanitarian area could allow trains to enter the country to transport the injured.

Hoffman told Digital that he understood why Zelenskyy asked for the no-fly zone.

Hoffman suggested that the U.S. support Ukraine by preventing Russian oil and gas imports and procuring anti-tank missiles to counter them

Zelenskyy pleaded to say, “If we fall, you will also fall,” and added, “Please don’t be silent and turn a blind eye” This is not something to ignore.