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Trump Supporter Scott Presler Has Come Up With A Plan To Fix Election Mess. Needs Your Help

Ever since the 2020 election, there are many conservatives who believe that our voting system is completely broken.

But thankfully not all hope is lost.

Trump super-supporter Scott Presler has a brilliant plan for how conservatives can fight back and regain control of our elections.

Here’s also a list of the states where Republicans have a trifecta:

And there are already plenty of conservatives who are getting pumped at the idea of making a real impacts on election integrity.

Well done! Scott you are awesome. Thank you for all that you do. You’re Non-Stop and have united so many of us. God Bless.

Always for the people!!! Scott, Your work is much appreciated!!

We have to play small balls to win the big games. Start winning elections to school boards, county/state offices, sheriffs, city council, state legislatures…National elections are won or lost depending on how you do at the local levels.

Scott Thank You for great explanation of how We The People can make change happen!! So many people don’t understand how government works.. You are Amazing!!

Never give up, and never give in. We are in it to win it and expose the traitors.

thank you for this and everything you do! we need to do the work required to save and keep this country. it will not be saved by sending mean tweets

It’s great to see the American people fired up and ready to make a real change in our systems.

Bit by bit, legislation by legislation, we much fight to win our country back.

Author : Sophie O’Hara

Source : Wayne Dupree : [VIDEO] Trump Supporter Scott Presler Has Come Up With a Plan to Fix Election Mess…Needs Your Help

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