Trump Derangement Syndrome In Democrats Won’t Go Away With Trump


Journalists for the past five years have been wondering whether “Trumpism” will outlast Donald Trump’s presidency — the answer is yes — but what they should have been doing is finding a therapist who might mentally prepare them for his last day in office.

If there were a silver lining to Trump’s presidency ending, which means our return to a Washington that gets ever richer and ever more powerful, it was that the national media would stop putting Trump in front of our faces every day and asking us how mad we are about it this time.

But that’s probably not going to happen, at least not any time soon.

Credit to New York Times liberal Frank Bruni, who admitted that the obsession with Trump runs deep in the media and will be truly difficult to give up even after Joe Biden is sworn in come January.

We were supposed to be breathing a huge sigh of relief about Joe Biden’s victory,” wrote Bruni. “But instead he was finding a fresh source of outrage about Trump. And here I am writing about Trump — again. It’s a tic, not one I’m proud of. But I’m surrendering to it now to acknowledge that I can’t continue doing so. None of us can.”

It’s like that scene in Brokeback Mountain where the one gay cowboy says to the other, “I wish I could quit you.” The first cowboy never gets over

the love he had for his emotionally distant friend.

It’s not just the media, either. It’s most or all liberals and Democrats, hence the reason so many of them are encouraging the blacklisting of Republicans who supported or worked with Trump. They even say things that hearken back to 9/11, like “never forget.” Yes, the ultra-Left liberal Sierra Club has actually used that phrase.

The country will inevitably move on from the Trump presidency. Democrats are going to have such a hard time joining us.

Author : Eddie Scarry

Source : Washington Examiner. : Trump Derangement Syndrome in Democrats won’t go away with Trump