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This Is What Happens In North Korea

McEnany Condemns Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Over NY Post Censorship

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany condemned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over the social media giant’s recent “censorship” of the New York Post.

McEnany spoke on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning and co-host Brian Kilmeade brought up the Senate Commerce Committee, which Dorsey recently testified in front of. Dorsey told the Senate that the NY Post’s Twitter account will continue to be banned until the newspaper deletes its tweet regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Shame on Jack Dorsey,” McEnany said after noting that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is not “censored” like President Donald Trump. “As the NY Post noted today, this is a mob artist. This is a shakedown effort to say, ‘delete the Hunter Biden story.’”

The media won’t report on it,” she continued. “Social media will censor it. ‘Delete it or we will censor the fourth largest newspaper in the United States,’ block them from social media. Big tech needs to be handled and the president in the second term will do just that. This is what happens in North Korea, not the United States.”

McEnany’s personal Twitter account was locked, according to the Trump campaign, after she tweeted out the report from the NY Post regarding the laptop, which is allegedly Hunter Biden’s. Dorsey added during the testimony that the NY Post could tweet the same story again after deleting its original

Author : Shelby Talcott

Source : Daily Caller : This Is What Happens In North Korea’: Kayleigh McEnany Condemns Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Over NY Post ‘Censorship’

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