The White House Surrenders Federal Mask Mandates, Are We Getting Our Rights Back?


A ruling from Florida on Monday overturned the federal mask mandate of the Biden administration. It was poetic and in itself poetic. This mandate is well-known for forcing people to wear masks when traveling on planes or trains. It also abused children as young as two.

The Administrative Procedures Act was violated by the administration’s continued enforcement of the mandate two years later, according to the ruling. The president cannot use the excuse of “emergency” indefinitely to avoid comment periods or such.

The White House responded by going full-petulant, making fun of the ruling, and suggesting that violence could be caused by mask-Karens becoming upset when people around them don’t wear face diapers anymore.

It seemed as though an appeal was almost certain from the administration’s demeanor. If the mandate isn’t reinstated, why fuss about it and threaten violence?

But Tuesday saw an unconditional surrender. The federal masking scandal is officially over, barring any last-minute changes of mind.

This was something I had predicted in my original article on the ruling. It was probable that the administration would just allow the two-week extension to expire.

The mandate was only extended for a period of two weeks, and it is due to expire shortly anyway. It’s possible that the administration will let it expire and move on. They could have continued to re-up the currency for as long as they wanted, but this victory was not delivered. It is important to fight.

If people had not challenged the mandate, Biden and his handlers might have let the mandate go without a fight. We all know the answer, so it’s great to see this payoff. The ruling leaves little doubt that the White House and the CDC would have re-extended their mandate. They would also have had the ability to reenact as they head into the summer/fall wave. This is because the virus has become endemic. They have lost that power now and it is too late to be comfortable.

However, it is a victory and children can breathe easier while adults can enjoy their peanuts without being harassed by flight attendants on power trips. Let’s pray that the madness of forcing toddlers to cover their faces, and other things, will never return.