The Reason Communism Fails is Simple


There is no such thing as communism.

It’s possible to look at China, North Korea, or Portland and think that you’re wrong. However, there is a big difference between someone who claims they are a communist and someone who actually is one.

I won’t go into detail about how communism has failed every society that adopted them. It’s a mess of corruption, starvation, and violence if it hasn’t already. These countries’ citizens live in fear because they know that if they get angry, it could lead to imprisonment, torture, and even death. North Korea, for example, will not only punish you but also your family. Progress is also hindered by the backward system. In countries like Venezuela, items we would consider to be common household items such as bread and toilet paper are on the black markets.

Capitalist countries such as America launch rockets into space to provide food for their citizens. Even communist countries, such as China, that appear to be successful are heavily capitalist in their dealings with other countries, while they rule their own citizens with an iron fist.

These examples are not valid for communists who claim to be communists. True communism has never been attempted. It has been tried, but it can’t be done. It has been tried. But it failed because the people who attempted to implement it weren’t hard enough. It’s because the physical and mental inabilities of those who attempted it have made it impossible.

Communism didn’t work because we are the wrong species.

Although we might have electric cars, space rockets, and air conditioning, our species is still a smarter group of apes. Although we can dress up in elegant clothes and follow very nice societal practices, our primitive nature cannot be ignored.

We will always want more than we have, and an ape with half a teaspoon of ambition will try to get it. To attract more mating opportunities, the male of our species will make resource acquisition a priority. Our species’ females are naturally drawn to strong, healthy males to ensure that they have more secure offspring.

We are also tribal and will strive to make our tribe stronger than any other tribe, be they our family or our favorite team in sports.

We will also fight hard to protect what is ours. We are territorial creatures and will injure, kill, or maim anyone who attempts to intrude on our territory. Although laws have been created by humanity to prevent us from allowing our selfish natures to rule matters, they are often just steps to our apish needs. While we want to punish wrongdoers, the law does so more fairly…at most.

We advanced apes don’t have a nature compatible with communism. This requires ambition and egocentrism to be sacrificed in the interest of the greater good. This requires us to believe the state is the only tribe that we should be concerned with and that all other whims must be considered, even those of our families. The state does not own our offspring, but they do belong to us. This effectively strips us of one of our greatest strengths.

We apes are unable to naturally meet these requirements so the state will punish anyone who breaks them with severe consequences. They rely on our fear of loss and pain to keep us in check. The state is run by advanced apes who have created their own tribe to rule all the others.

But cracks eventually form, regardless of how severe. Somewhere along the line, rebellion occurs.

Communism would be more likely to work if we were all hive-minded, like bees and ants. But we aren’t. It is impossible.