The Left Ideology is Even Changing Women


As I’ve repeatedly demonstrated, the Left destroys all it touches. This is particularly true for women. The power of left-wing ideologies is greater than the natural instincts of women.

Here are five examples:

Number 1: The Desire to Bond with a Man

Most women desire to bond with a man.

Women want a man.

The modern left-wing feminist movement was born. This message was passed on to generations via every influence in their lives, including teachers and media.

But, women need a man just as much as men need women. (I refer to heterosexual men ). Ask any married couple if they feel their marriage has helped them grow.

Number 2: The Desire to Marry

Most women want to marry and have a husband. This part of the woman’s nature has been rescinded by the Left.

Left-wing and feminist ideology led to the belief that a woman doesn’t need a man. This resulted in the obvious conclusion that marriage was not necessary.

This could have serious social consequences. Many people don’t realize, or may not know, the harmful effects of women getting married.

Single women are becoming more problematic in society. This percentage is higher than that of single men or married couples.

Women’s Voices Women Vote reported the “marriage gap”, which was greater than the 2012 gender gap.

Number 3: The Desire to Have Children

Although women want to be able to bond with and marry men, this was not considered part of their natural natures. The Guardian published the article “Is this the age to opt-out?” “The author ends her article with the statement, “I don’t want to have kids.” I have never had children. It doesn’t make me feel inadequate. “It just feels like I’m alive.” She speaks for an increasing number of women.

Number 4: Sex with Commitment

The Left has also made it difficult for women to have sexual relations with men and be committed to them. The same goes for men. Many young women have more regrets and depression when they engage in “hookup” sexual activities. This is a part of male nature.

Number 5: The Desire to Protect Children’s Innocence

Progressive ideology is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to women. Women have been the leading figures and the majority of those involved in the movement to teach children about sex and gender fluidity.

Leftism seems like it is showing that ideology can prevail over human nature. It is evident that this generation is less happy and depressed than at any time in American history.

The Left is destructive to all it touches. Women have been added to the list.