The Continuing Issue of Bernie Sanders

1445 via Getty Images

Kamala Harris has resigned from the upper chamber, and Bernie Sanders is now the “dumbest senator”. He is working hard to preserve the crown which he has been given.

The octogenarian continues to misunderstand basic math and is often quick to blame others.

Vermonters have one last chance to vote on the Biden agenda. This is unfortunately the Bernie agenda.

Because Democrats will win their comeuppance in the polls in 11 months and a divided government for at least two years. Hopefully, Sanders will be gone by the time Democrats return to power.

His ignorance and desperateness are now making him look foolish.

Sorry, Comrade. The American people have never said anything like that.

Even NPR, which is left-leaning, stated that Democrats have staked their political future on President Joe Biden’s plans to spend trillions of dollars on social programs. A new NPR/Marist poll has shown that the party’s plans are not popular with voters.

Only 40% of respondents to the survey supported the “Build Back Better” bill. This multi-trillion-dollar economic-crushing social assistance boondoggle is currently being negotiated in Congress. While almost three-quarters of Democrats support the bill only three percent of independents support it and nearly all Republicans disagree with it.

Bernie, this is not “support”. This is not “overwhelming” help.

Sanders is a man who’s never held a job. But, Democrats gave him the job of Senate Budget Committee Chairman. ”

Even liberal media can see through his lies, idiocy, and deceit.

In October the Washington Post explained why Sanders frequently argues against Democratic Senators. Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Silena said that they “shouldn’t be able to thwart 48 of 50 Democratic or Independent senators support” as if the Democrat caucus is all that matters.

This is something that I’ve probably done at least a dozen times. It is, not two senators that are hindering the progress. It’s at least 52, which would be a bipartisan majority. This is something I fully understand.

Only bills that are legally dubious or “reconciliation-worthy” can be approved. This bill is not supported by a simple majority of the U.S. Senate.

Sanders seems to believe that “democracy” requires a minority of senators in order for a bill to be passed by a majority. Failure to do so is a preference for “voter suppression”, a new myth propagated by left-wing bigots in an environment where voting is easier than ever.