Surgeon General on Mask Mandates


Public health experts warn of another COVID winter surge and the White House is facing legal challenges over vaccine mandates. Vivek Murthy , the Surgeon General, joined Fox News Sunday to discuss these matters with Chris Wallace.

Murthy expressed concern about the implications of mandates being permanently removed.

He said, “I believe it would be a setback to public health.”

Even the New York Times acknowledged Friday that Covid presents the same risk to most people vaccinated as other areas of life.

According to the surgeon general, vaccine requirements work “remarkably well” and some businesses have moved ahead without being mandated to immunize their employees.

This statement seems more political than scientific-based because it does not consider the importance of patient and doctor free choice. The doctor-patient decision at its core is a private one and has nothing to do with political parties.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday night that explicitly invoked the White House’s nefarious actions.

The New Orleans court stated that the mandate was not a delicately handled scalpel but a one-size fits all sledgehammer, which makes little attempt to account workplace differences.

Wallace asked the pertinent question: If public safety is an issue, how can you balance the drive to increase vaccinations with the fact police and health care workers are leaving many cities?

It is important to remember that most people in this country, the vast majority, are in accord with the general requirements and will continue to be so, Murthy stated. “We have already seen this in businesses that have implemented these requirements.”

When asked about the controversy surrounding NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers the surgeon general replied, “We’re not all individuals.” Sometimes our decisions can have an impact on others in any community.