Seriously, Why Does Biden Keep Doing This?


A Biden press conference is almost painful. You feel almost sorry for Biden and those who must go to television and pretend that everything went well.

Biden has a bizarre and unorthodox habit, which he displayed during Wednesday’s press conference.

Biden answered a question about closing schools by saying, “First, I’d try to put into perspective the question that you asked.” Then he leaned over the microphone and shouted, “Very few schools closing. More than 95% of schools are still open.”

This is not the first time Biden has done it. An example of this is last year’s comments about the bipartisan infrastructure agreement in June when Biden went all Creepy Joe multiple times.

Is it possible that no one from the White House has ever told him how absurd he looks when doing this?

If we were watching a kid trying to give a speech to his class, I could understand these actions. However, this is our country’s leader. Looking more and more like a lost puppy every day.

3 Years left!