Sen. Maggie Hassan Angers Everyone With Trip to Southern Border


Maggie Hassan, New Hampshire’s Democratic Senator, is in serious trouble. In a Republican year, she is running for reelection. She has now been accused of being against the open-borders wing in her party. Title 42, Joe Biden’s plan of repealing the pandemic immigrant rule, is a violation of her candidacy.

Republicans are having a great time with Hassan. She is from Canada and visited the Southern border to promote border security. They called her “MAGA Maggie” and challenged her commitment to border security.

As all the party leaders resigned, Maggie Hassan was written an angry letter in which they accused Hassan (gasp!) of being a Republican. Acting like a Republican

Politico:  “She’s back to election mode, so she will out-Republican Republicans at the border. Is she disappointing? Arnie Arnesen, a former Democratic candidate for the governorship and liberal radio talk host, said “Yes.” “I don’t think she’ll get one more vote because of what she’s doing… It’s foolish. But we will vote for Maggie because we believe in democracy, and she won’t vote for Mitch McConnell.”

According to several Democratic strategists, immigration is not necessarily top of mind in New Hampshire. Andrew Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center said that there hasn’t been any polling about immigration views in New Hampshire, but that the public’s current view on Title 42 is “not likely” to affect many votes in November.

The problems of Hassan are getting worse every week. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu decided not to run for Senate. Hassan seemed to have a clear path to victory.

However, polls show a very different picture.

Washington Examiner: According to a University of New Hampshire poll, Hassan is tied with almost all of her potential Republican rivals. Hassan is trailed by only 1 percentage point by retired Gen. Don Bolduc and Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith. Hassan is 2 points ahead of Chuck Morse

While he is the president of New Hampshire’s state Senate, 54% of New Hampshire residents aren’t sufficiently knowledgeable about Morse to have an opinion. 73% also say the same thing about Smith. They are still neck-and-neck with the incumbent U.S senator.

Democrats had been counting on Hassan’s support to increase their chances of retaining control of the Senate. She may lose to a second-string Republican that few in New Hampshire can identify.

Hassan won her Senate seat in 2016 by less than 1000 votes. She could lose a lot more in 2022.