Rising Gas Prices & Fuel Shortages, Will Biden Finally Address It?


The rise in fuel prices is one reason for the Biden inflation spike that is reducing Americans’ spending power. Over the past year, crude oil prices have risen by 104% and gasoline prices have risen by more than 60%. This means people are paying more not only for their fuel but also for any other items that they need to transport and manufacture.

Biden Administration has begged OPEC+ countries to increase their oil production in the hope that they will lower prices and increase market supply. The oil-producing cartel, however, has refused to listen to their pleas and instead decided to stick to its schedule and delay production increases until December.

It is so cruel! Imagine being able to alleviate the economic pain and inflation that millions of people are suffering, but refusing to do so. Is there any governing body that would allow such an inhumane act?

The Department of Interior will review a rule prohibiting new oil and gas development within 10 miles of the Chaco Culture National Historical Park for the next 20 years.

Other energy policies of the Biden administration include moving to close a pipeline to St. Louis just as winter gets cold, sitting on its thumb while a radical environmentalist group blocks a gas and oil development project underway in Alaska, and laying the foundation to shut down an important pipeline to the upper midwest.

Joe would prefer to make America dependent on oil-producing conglomerations that include Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. Biden would rather spend the extra energy required to transport and truck huge amounts of crude oil to the US, despite the security risks. Brandon World believes that destructive energy policies are better than letting Americans maintain the energy independence they enjoyed under the previous administration.

Let’s go, Brandon.