Republicans Propose Immigration Compromise to Fully Surrender at the Border


Despite all the positive changes in the Republican Party’s strategy and willingness to fight over the past few years, some of its members still believe in various delusions. One of them is Sen. Thom Tillis.

Tillis proposed an immigration compromise to stop the border from being completely overwhelmed. This would amount to a complete surrender. Let’s start with the details. Then we’ll discuss why I said that.

Thursday’s meeting will see senators from both parties discuss possible options for enacting immigration legislation in the coming year.

“The idea of getting as many bipartisan bills that have goals that add up to 60,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D.Ill.), referring to the threshold that allows for most legislation to be passed by the Senate.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, may also be present. All of them are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee which deals with immigration policy…

He stated that “We are in a crisis here. We’ve got headwinds. We’re at risk of recession.” “This is the right time to put politics aside and create good policies to help lessen the burden people feel here in the United States”.

Tillis stated that measures that could be used to form part of a deal include a pathway for Dreamers to citizenship — young immigrants who came to the U.S. to become children — border security upgrades and a guest worker program to address labor shortages in sectors like restaurants.

You might have thought, based on my headline, that I would come here to oppose any immigration reform. This is not the case. It is urgent that a strictly enforced program for guest workers be established. It’s causing inflation in the United States by limiting low-skilled workers. However, such a program must be scalable. If wages fall too quickly and Americans have difficulty finding work, it is time to stop such programs.

Do you think that’s how it would look? It is not. It would instead be open to all and without any enforcement. The program could also become permanent, regardless of the country’s job situation. DACA is illegal and should be rescinded. Codifying such law-breaking will only increase illegal immigration and worsen the problem. It is absurd that Tillis and his friends even consider proposing this.

Port of entry and security upgrades at the border are essential, but they must be done on an enormous scale in order to make a difference. Do you think Democrats will agree to build a wall along the border? Or tens to billions in new security measures. Do not expect anything. In exchange for Republicans giving up all their leverage, any agreement would provide border security with a modest amount.

This brings me to my final point. Any deal that does not include asylum reform should be thrown out at the first sign of its existence. While this may be a problem for some on the right, we have already moved beyond the need to improve border security. No matter how high the wall is or how many agents are posted on the Rio Grande, our broken asylum system will continue to attract fraudulent claims and allow entry into the country without restriction. To stop the flow of economic migrants, it is imperative that they are immediately deported.

This would be a horrible compromise for Republicans. DACA should be withdrawn from the table. It’s basically Democrats buying votes for a liberal group. A guest worker program is necessary and could be combined with border security. However, reforming the asylum system does not amount to surrender. This is how Republicans will lose in November. This is the classic GOP.