Previous Ukraine Ambassador Sees A War Ahead


Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor stated that he believes there is a 50% chance for a “major conflict” in Europe. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor said that he believes there’s a 50% chance of a “major war” in Europe.

Taylor said that there was a 50% chance of major European war today, with tens of thousands of soldiers on either side,” referring to the crisis in Ukraine’s eastern borders.

He stated, “An almost 50% chance of this type of outcome is troubling.”

Taylor isn’t saying anything that other observers don’t know about the Ukraine crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military invasion against Ukraine. It is possible to reverse the order. However, it is evident that Putin has his own agenda.

Ukraine has been seeking NATO membership since 2008.

Many western observers now question Putin’s motivations for creating the crisis. Ukraine will not join NATO in the near future.

Putin still requires the Reichstag Fire in order to justify war. His preparations continue for conflict.

The steady flow of Russian military gear towards the Ukraine border is another sign of danger.

Massive train convoys with tanks, missiles, and troops continue to travel westward through Russia in large numbers, apparently heading for the Ukrainian border. Monday was the first day that Russian troops and equipment arrived in Belarus to participate in a joint military drill. It will take place at the border of Ukraine and Belarus, near Poland and Lithuania (two NATO nations). This could also be a route for an invasion.

The exercise was called Allied Resolve in America. Officials in Kyiv believe any Russian troops sent to Belarus for the exercises will stay put, making Ukraine more vulnerable to attack from the east, north, and south.

Ukraine does not intend to fight with Russia in war and it is best for them to negotiate decent terms under a peace agreement. It’s to be sincerely hoped Biden won’t be so foolish.

Biden is however a president with deep political problems.