Philly Is Overrun With Crime


Philadelphia’s violent carjacking criminals are too much to handle, so they have created a handy pamphlet that explains how to avoid getting your car stolen.

The tip I love most about the handy leaflet is “Tip”: Increase your awareness in carjacking hotspots. This includes parking lots and garages, gas stations and ATMs as well as your driveway. It covers almost everywhere that cars go.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Facebook page, there were 757 carjackings by 2021. This is a 34% increase over 2020. The PPD detained 150 people and solved 93 cases, which is just over 12% of all carjackings. Stellar!

This isn’t the first time Philly issued a brochure regarding extreme violence. A brochure was once distributed by the Philly school superintendent to Asian students on how to avoid annoying black children who were beating them to death.

According to the guide, you should avoid confrontations with anyone who wants to steal the car you use for work. Don’t forget to tell the scamp that your child is riding in the back seat.

Michigan is one example of a state that allows lawfully armed citizens the right to shoot carjackers.

Carjackings are getting worse. Philly has seen more than 90 carjackings in 2022, compared to 24 in 2021. This is more than six per hour.

Rep. Mary Scanlon, D-Penn. Rep. Mary Scanlon (D-Penn.) was recently a victim of ” Auto Redistribution” in Philadelphia. A couple of teens decided to point guns at her face and take her car keys. Her car was found in Newark Del.

“Rosie,” a local resident, believes that the problem is the fact that carjackers need more jobs and more opportunities.

Maybe “Rosie”, a young felon, believes that some night basketball courts would prevent them from demanding keys and pointing guns at innocent drivers.

Social media is believed to make thugs believe carjacking can be done easily by the Philly Police. They want to inform their citizens that it’s taking place all over the country, not just in Philadelphia. Those COVID masks don’t help.