Pfizer Chief Discusses a Fourth COVID Shot


For those still hopeful that the Covid hysteria will end soon, top Pfizer dog Albert Bourla has some bad news. Surprisingly, the third shot is not going to work. Bourla’s balanced and careful scientific mind was cautious. However, he was confident that another shot would be needed unless grandma is going to die. Bourla declared, “When we have real-world data, we’ll determine if the omicron has been adequately covered by the third dose. The second point is that I believe we will need a fourth dosage.” Of course! Did you really believe we would not need more doses?

Bourla is science’s job. While Anthony Fauci claims the title of Mr. Science and Albert Bourla is at least Mr. Second Class in Science, CNBC reports that Bourla “previously predicted that a fourth shot would need 12 months after the first dose.” However, science now tells us that this is far too long and that we must wait to see if it happens. He said that we may need it sooner.

Covid would be eradicated by two jabs! Bourla didn’t say anything about a third dose back in April, much less about the possibility of a fourth. Both shots were effective enough to prevent any further complications. In November, the Pfizer CEO proclaimed that those who spread misinformation about Covid were in fact, mass murderers. They aren’t bad people. They are criminals because they have cost millions of lives.”

Wait a moment Bourla. You told us on April Fool’s Day that two doses (91.3% effective) of your Covid miracle cure were effective for “preventing #COVID19 in South Africa,” (where the omicron variant is believed to have originated). You weren’t spreading misinformation by not telling us next week about the need for another dose or any other doses. Is that not what makes you a “criminal”, in your own words?

Bourla does not have to worry about any consequences for misinformation he spread. This is the privilege of the elites. They are not the ones who must pay for their errors.

What will happen when it ends? It is impossible to say. How many shots are enough? You might find yourself getting your weekly Covid juice dose. Even that may not be enough. What about every day? Perhaps Dr. Fauci and Old Joe Biden will soon tell us to get our Covid shots three days a week, at ten, two, and four. It’s just like the Dr. Pepper commercials. Albert Bourla will be there to meet the ever-increasing demands. They are the experts! They are the experts! We need to trust them! Keep in mind: It is not necessary to blindly believe in Biden, Fauci, and Bourla. This would be antiscience.