New Trial For Black Man From Confederate Flag in Jury Room


Timothy Gilbert from Giles County in Tenn. was convicted of “aggravated assault”, recklessly endangering and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon” and resisting arrest.

All that was in the courtroom has been removed. A Tennessee appeals court unanimously ruled that Gilbert should go back to trial. The all-white jury deliberated in a room that contained Jefferson Davis’s painting of Confederate President and a small Confederate Flag.

It’s not clear what impact these Confederate trinkets may have had on juries. But, it will not affect convictions made by all-white jury members. Will black juries be able to bring back those found innocent?

Would it be possible for jurors to see the flag and feel guilty, before allowing black defendants to walk free?

How many Southern courthouses have Confederate mementos from Civil War? Can you see statues of Southern generals? It could lead to thousands of black criminals being released or retried.

Or is this another ridiculous step in the direction of the “wake?” absurd?

Twitter-tards couldn’t wait to share their thoughts.

Prosecutors claimed Gilbert was not guilty by another jury in a separate matter. They deliberated in the exact same area, but that was irrelevant, the appellate court ruled.

The appeal ruling said that “the fact the defendant was acquitted of unrelated charges does no bearing on the question whether the jury was exposed or not to extraneous, prejudiced information or improper outside influence.” ”

It seems that no one wants to ask the question “Why can’t trust white juries?” It seems that many people assume that white juries cannot deliver fair verdicts.