New Hampshire’s RINO Governor in Hot Water After Smack Talking Trump


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is facing some backlash for comments he made about Donald Trump on Saturday. He now claims it was all in fun. Maybe it wasn’t. Sununu is the Granite State’s, Mitt Romney. He is a representative of all that is wrong in the Republican Party establishment, just like Romney. Sununu is eager to support the Left’s policies and views, and Republicans who aren’t part of the establishment are his political enemies.

Chris Sununu is from a New Hampshire Republican family. That’s part of the problem. John H. Sununu was his father and governor of New Hampshire between 1983 and 1989. He then served as George H. W. Bush’s chief of staff. John E. Sununu was Chris’s brother and he was a New Hampshire senator, congressman, and later a senator. Chris is not known for being the sharpest knife in a drawer. He is the Fredo of his family.

Fredo was fighting for his life Saturday night at the Gridiron Dinner. After praising Trump for his “experience”, “passion” and “senses of integrity,” he abruptly changed his tone to “Nah, it’s just kidding.” Sununu continued to rant about Trump’s “f***ing insane” and added: “The media often ask me if Donald Trump is crazy. Sununu continued, “The press often asks me if I think Donald Trump is crazy. But I won’t lie to you. I don’t believe he’s that insane that you can put him in a mental facility. He wouldn’t get out of a mental institution, I believe.

Sununu is feeling the heat since the laughter stopped. Sununu, who is not known for having much of a spine has been backtracking madly, Monday saying that it was all a joke on a New Hampshire podcast. Look, he’s not crazy, I think. It’s all for fun. It’s all a joke. Anyone who tries to make this more than it really is either doesn’t get Gridiron Dinner or needs to be more lighthearted.

Sununu decided that that wasn’t enough. He went on another show to demand that anyone who takes jokes too seriously should be more lighthearted. It’s a roast. It was fun. I joked about my family, myself, and Republicans just as much as I did about Democrats and Joe Biden and AOC or Bernie Sanders and socialists.

Sure. Sununu has been vocal in his opposition to Trump’s claims, but this isn’t the first time he has done so. Fox News reported that Sununu has criticized Trump’s claims of rigging and theft in the 2020 election. Sununu also resisted Trump’s attempts to calm down the COVID panic. Trump stated that he was not afraid of COVID. Sununu responded, “Don’t let COVID dominate your life!”

So, Sununu doesn’t like Trump. It’s not just Trump. “Sununu upset national Republicans by vowing to veto a congressional map that would have made the 1st Congressional District of the state, which the GOP’s aiming for flipping from blue to red this year, more competitive for Republicans.” Only those who desire a real choice in New Hampshire or Washington are eligible, and not those who accept the existing establishment hegemony.

Sununu is also annoyed by America-First Republicans of New Hampshire, whom Sununu dismissively calls “libertarians.” Sununu bragged in August 2021: “The Libertarians don’t belong to the Republicans. They each have their own party and their own place. They are not Republicans. Okay? They like to pretend they are Republicans. They aren’t. They are not even remotely.” It all depends on who takes control of the party.

Sununu will have his way and the Republican Party will remain a sad assemblage of Romneyites country clubbers, me-tooers, yes-men, and Romneyites. His mockery against Trump was a mockery for all those who desire to see an alternative in American politics, and a resurgence candidate who will put the best interest of the country first, instead of their own bottom line or utopian fantasies. Sununu is said to be a rising star of the Republican Party and would make a great vice president for America-First president. He could also play the role of his father’s boss George H. W. Bush, who was a Republican, and Mike Pence, who is Trump’s friend. It is our hope that any bandwagon Sununu may manage to get on will be a hit pretty quickly.