New COVID Variant Shows Mild Symptoms


Dr. Angelique Coetzee from South Africa, who alerted health officials to the COVID-19 omicron variant, says that it has “unusual but mild symptoms”.

In mid-November, Coetzee was the first to notice unusual symptoms in patients who were otherwise healthy.

Coetzee said that “their symptoms were so much different and so mild than those I had previously treated.” Coetzee, a 33-year-old General Practitioner, owns her own practice and chairs the South African Medical Association.

Coetzee observed that patients came in with symptoms that she didn’t understand at first. Although the patients were all experiencing intense fatigue, none of them lost their senses of smell or taste.

“We had a case with an interesting child, a six-year-old girl who had a high temperature and pulse rate. I was unsure if she should be admitted. She was much better when Dr. Coetzee followed up with her two days later.”

The Telegraph reports that about two dozen of her patients tested positive for Covid-19. They were mostly healthy men who felt tired and felt so tired. About half were not vaccinated.

Although symptoms may be mild in younger patients, Coetzee is still worried about how the new variant might affect the elderly who are the most vulnerable to COVID.

She said, “What we need to be concerned about is that if older people, who aren’t vaccinated are infected with this new variant, then we will see many people with severe [forms of the] disease.”

About 6% of South Africa‚Äôs population is over 65. Although the number of cases of the omicron variant has risen dramatically, experts still believe that we don’t have enough information.