Media Continues to Come After Ron Desantis

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

As repulsive and as ingrained as mainstream media bias may be, you have to give credit to the Miami Herald’s progressive-leaning progressives for their unabashed leftist political leanings. These are not just displayed on the editorial pages or their columnists, but are prominently featured in the “reporting” that we see on the newspaper’s front pages and its website.

The Herald is a lot like the New York Times and CNN. It proudly displays its liberal bias to their declining readership, signaling where they stand on issues (real or fake), as well as the fact that it’s a news source.

They are apparently unhappy with the failure to take down the popular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, including heavily relying on fraudulent claims made by discredited former (fired!) Florida Dept. Rebekah Jones, a Health IT staffer – The paper has seized on the latest DeSantis scandal.

Then there was Desantis’ push to monoclonal antibodies treatments for COVID. This scientifically proven way decreases the likelihood of a COVID patient needing to be admitted to hospital. The media attack also failed.

Now, Ron DeSantis refers to getting the shot as “the jab” and the media as always, does not approve.

It is a fact that trust has fallen to its lowest level in several years. It’s easy to see why “reports” such as Mower’s on DeSantis are constantly being flung against a wall in the hope that they’ll stick.