Lightfoot’s is Close to Announcing Reelection Bid


Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor, is running for reelection. She’s not ready to make an announcement.

Sources close to her political team, as well as the mayor herself, said that she intends to make it “official” sometime soon.

It is not surprising. Lightfoot has been increasing her fundraising and hiring staffers for her political operation. Lightfoot has also met with residents across Chicago to discuss Chicago’s future, now that we are (mostly)? out of the Covid cloud.

Lightfoot spoke to Sweet about his time in Washington, D.C., during an interview. Lightfoot was there to attend the annual conference of the African American Mayors Association. “So I’m giving my time.”

It’s not official until it is official. Chicagoans will remember Rahm Emanuel’s 2018 campaign operations, only to announce that he was not running for reelection. He was aware of the polling and knew it wasn’t pretty.

Lightfoot won’t reveal her polling results, but there is concern about her handling of the city’s crime problem, which is a national problem and not just a Chicago one. Rep. Mike Quigley emphasized this fact before he pulled his name from consideration for a run for mayor. Ald is also thinking about it. Raymond Lopez and Willie Wilson (businessman) have announced that they are running. Arne Duncan is not participating in the race.

Quigley, who had a great relationship with Lightfoot until recently, stated that he is now focusing on the conflict in Ukraine. He was praised by the mayor.

“Congressman Quigley is a tireless advocate for his constituents and the residents of Chicago.” Yesterday, she released a statement expressing gratitude to Rep. Quigley for his leadership in ending the war in Ukraine and for his efforts to protect democracies around the globe. I look forward to working with him and his team to ensure Chicago receives its fair share of federal dollars, and that we continue to support the needs of our Chicago communities here in Washington, D.C.

Quigley’s departure is expected to help Lightfoot retain the North Side liberals, who may have voted for him. The mayor won’t take these votes for granted.

It is still early. After turning down an offer to be lieutenant governor with Democratic Governor candidate Chris Kennedy, Lightfoot did not announce her mayoral candidacy for 2019.