Let’s Go Brandon Float is a Crowd Favorite but Gets Disqualified


Yorktown, Virginia hosted Saturday’s Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade. A 50-foot vessel was awarded “Best in Show” for its colorful and artistic display of lights. Santa Claus and Old Joe Biden were also seen greeting the crowd with “Merry Christmas.” The bow was decorated with two American flags. It was a huge success. One problem was found in the celebrations: The winning entry had a sign reading “FJB Let’s Go Brandon” in white lights. Yorktown Foundation quickly apologized for the error and took the boat out of the title.

York County Leftists still feel its effects on their senses. During the evening’s celebrations. The Boat of Hate appeared: “It just breaks my spirit that this happened. It was sad… The boat was lit up with lights by F Joe Biden, which was the antithesis of the Christmas spirit. Another person described the boat as a mean-spirited stunt, that had “nothing to Christmas spirit, holiday spirits and uniting us”. He added: “I felt kinda brokenhearted that this type of hyper-partisanship invaded in such a humane manner.” ”

Others also liked the boat. You don’t know who was really involved in this controversy. The Yorktown Foundation sponsored the boat parade. However, Walt Akers, the Foundation chairman stated that Bill Berger was not the right person to award the prize. He said that he deeply regretted what had happened and that he deeply apologized. “We’re going to take steps to prevent it happening again We have asked Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade to provide a list with the steps they’ll take to ensure this does not happen again.

Yorktown Foundation explained that “As a501(c),(3) organization, both the Yorktown Foundation and the Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade Committee (our parent organization), are apolitical. They should not be involved in politics. ”

Chad Green, Chairman of the York County Board of Supervisors, said that he arrived at the meeting and was given a list of criteria for voting. These criteria included light and spirit and the wow factor but not political correctness. Green stated that he believed his judging was fair and open.

York-Poquoson Sheriff J.D. York-Poquoson Sheriff J.D. “Is it possible to penalize someone for putting out a boat that contains content they don’t like because they were exercising their freedom? ”

Yorktown Foundation is sure that the answer is yes. It’s hard to imagine what might have happened if the winning vessel had been adorned with a sign reading “BLM”. This would have allowed the Yorktown Foundation not to listen to the people and protest that the message on the boat was against the Christmas spirit. Would they have had to apologize and assure the public that there are safeguards to stop it from happening again?

It is obvious. You know the answer.