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Joe Exotic, With Limo Waiting, Fails To Get Trump Pardon

Tiger King” star Joe Exotic failed to win a pardon from President Donald Trump — even though the jailbird’s legal team was so “confident” in one, they had a limo ready to whisk him away.

Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was not on the list of the more than 100 pardons and commutations that Trump issued early Wednesday.

“It is the President’s Constitutional right to Pardon and we have to accept and respect his use of discretion. Our mission is just and continues,” Exotic’s lawyer, Francisco Hernandez, wrote on Facebook.

Eric Love, who spearheaded Exotic’s bid for freedom, had been optimistic earlier about Exotic’s prospects of being released from Fort Worth’s Federal Medical Center.

“We’re confident enough we already have a limousine parked about half a mile from the prison. We are really in action mode right now,” he told

His team had also brought professionals for hair, makeup and wardrobe in the event of his release — and pre-recorded a thank-you video for Trump.

“We have it queued up and ready to go,” Love told Metro. “As soon as we get the word, we’re going to execute that video to the White House and thank them.”

Exotic has served a year of his 22-year sentence for his role in a murder-for-hire plot that targeted his rival, Carole Baskin.

Trump previously said he would “take a look” at the pardon request.

A lawyer for Exotic didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

A limo rented by Joe Exotic’s legal team — Team Tiger — in anticipation of a presidential pardon.

Author : Jackie Salo

Source : Ny Post : Joe Exotic, with limo waiting outside prison, fails to get Trump pardon

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