It’s Ironic, Biden Says “You Shouldn’t Make Any Money While You’re in Office”


“Joe Biden is of course being himself. He seems to. be getting more pathetic and clueless by the day. It’s becoming more absurd, like the Easter Bunny minder Monday White House Easter Roll. It’s also more bizarre and totally devoid of self-awareness.

Biden’s Tuesday comments about the “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law” were typical in his usual behavior. He embellished and took credit when he didn’t do it. Biden also outrightlied. Ironically, he also said that he wouldn’t make any money while in office. ” (Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi were last seen hurrying to the exits.

Despite Washington politicians long history of making money while they are in office — and quite some of it — Joe Biden is the 500-pound elephant here. He and “The Big Guy,” his grifter son Hunter, have been involved in shady business dealings in China and Ukraine.

Joe is transcribed from Becker News

It is something I repeated many times when I ran for office. We are going to build an economic system around you.

I was… for 36 years, the poorest member of Congress. It was an honor.

Biden is such a joke. Joe and. Dr. Jill have an estimated net worth of $9 million. The real question is how much Biden has earned from his shady business dealings with the grifter child.

Biden made an ironic comment about yesterday’s remarks: “I don’t believe you should make any money while in office,” he said.


Biden asserts that he believes politicians “Shouldn’t make money while they’re in office”

Biden also spoke about his childhood in Scranton.

The bottom line

It’s not yet clear if the Biden Family Business scandal will be fully exposed. This includes whether or not “The Big Guy” was involved in the son’s likely-illegal transaction. Joe “Circle Back”, White House press secretary, continues to speak out in favor of Hunter being indicted.

This is unbelievable, my friends. Keep looking.