Imposing Crippling Sanctions on China for Supporting Russia Would be Disastrous


The emergence of an alliance and axis power-based New World Order is something we are witnessing. One side could be led by America, the other by China. However, we have a dementia patient at the White House. If current trends continue, however, it will likely be some sort of the West against the East. One side will be the Great Reset crew, which meets in Davos and believes they can run all aspects of your life. On the other side will be authoritarian, ethnocentric, and nationalist regimes as well as those who are dependent on them. Since these are two types of oligarchies, it is difficult to determine which side represents traditional liberal democracies.

The conflict in Ukraine shows how the new world might evolve. The West and America are using cancel culture to evade sanctions. Public pressure has led corporations to boycott Russia, in addition to government sanctions. Our cultural and political leaders use the language of cancel culture to claim that Ukraine’s support is necessary in order to keep the country on the right side. Even if they are able to answer legitimate and thoughtful questions, they treat them with contempt and make accusations of treason. It all feels almost like the summer of 2020 when Ukrainian flags are everywhere incorporating logos and social media profiles.

This is a foolish and ineffective form of foreign policy that could strengthen the axis power. Russia had a plan to seize companies that were abandoned in the corporate exodus. It would be impossible to keep the secret sauce from a Big Mac secret. China and other authoritarian governments also bought valuable commodities from Russia at low prices, including fossil fuels, agricultural products, and food. After Saudi Arabia’s open acceptance of the Chinese yuan as oil, the idea that the dollar is the reserve currency for fossil fuels is also in danger.

America’s hegemony over the Middle East is being eroded by the stupid appeasement policy of the Biden administration in Iran. This includes its relationship with Israel. After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, both our allies and non-affiliated countries lost faith in us. We have largely followed NATO allies, rather than leading. Biden’s handling and rhetoric regarding the Ukraine conflict have been criticized by even the French. If India, Vietnam, South Korea, and the United States feel sufficiently threatened, or if Taiwan is not supported against China, then the allied world may be smaller than Americans think.

The majority of Americans don’t know how the loss of the petrodollar or global hegemony, America’s sole superpower, would affect America’s economy. Recent polls confirm how little Americans understand their economic fundamentals and how they get the products they use every day. It is supported by both parties in large numbers to impose severe sanctions on China. Convention of States Action, in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, released the results of a national survey that was conducted from March 18-to 21. According to the results, 76.4% of Independent voters, 71% of Democrat voters, and 77.8% of Republican voters think that if China provides aid to Russia, President Biden should impose sanctions similar to what he did on Russia.

China’s close relationship with Russia, which was established shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine, is now placing it in a dangerous position. The Americans believe that China should be punished economically if the international community can prove that the CCP supports Russia’s war against Ukraine. Washington, DC, has focused all its attention on Russia, but conveniently ignored or minimized other threats that lurk in the background. Although the so-called experts may not be able to understand it, voters do and expect action.

Are Americans willing to see U.S. companies cease doing business in China, as they do in Russia? American corporations make some of the most technologically advanced products in China. Are you willing for China to devise a plan to take these assets? America will lose its advantage in areas far more important than a souped-up Thousand Island dressing.

Is your mom taking blood pressure medication? Is your loved one on antibiotics? You rely on your smartphone and all the other computer chips that make it possible to function every day. Not to mention all the other things that use batteries. All of these items are manufactured in China. The U.S. lacks the infrastructure and natural resources to increase manufacturing production anytime soon. America is home to virtually no apparel and textile manufacturing, so the emperor might not have clothes. Sometimes, we have let go of industries so far back that we don’t have the know-how to start enough domestic manufacturing plants.

America also allowed its own hemisphere to go. Instead of making sure that there were vibrant and educated democracies in South America and Central America, we went on the adventure in the Middle East with cultures that hated us. Our arrogance after World War II made us believe we could create democracies anywhere. We proved it impossible in a stunning manner. The Soviet Union’s Cuban beachhead has been expanding with Russian and Chinese influence to our southern neighbors. According to reports, members of the Chinese Communist Party and Mexican cartels that hold our southern border intermarry.

America’s ruling classes have cheered China for decades, as their investments in high-growth economies made them rich. China continues to enrich almost all Americans who have a 401k or other qualified retirement plans. Consumers’ Research repeatedly highlighted BlackRock’s Chinese investments and CEO Larry Fink’s preference for CCP. Will Hild, Consumers’ Research Executive Director, recently noted that “BlackRock” and Larry Fink suddenly want to be friendly with the oil and gas industry. They pretend that they haven’t spent the past decade undermining America’s energy independence while continuing to build China’s economy. How many Americans will be willing to see their retirement savings disappear overnight?

The West should not have cut off trade and human rights with China under President Bill Clinton. China should not have joined the World Trade Organization after President George W. Bush allowed them normal, permanent trade relations. It is now time to develop a serious, but sober strategy for decoupling the US economy from China. Voters should demand that policymakers create one immediately.

U.S. policy must require that corporations located in America act in America’s best interests to do this. Instead, we have a group of oligarchs from finance and tech that act as global citizens and help the CCP implement authoritarian policy. They won’t voluntarily punish China in the same way that they helped punish Russia. These CEOs will be made to stop trying to make a profit on the Chinese market.

Before the American people demand that China be placed under severe sanctions, they need to take a close look at what this would mean. China is not the nuclear-armed gas station that many believe Russia to be. We quickly discovered that they were a nuclear-armed station with hypersonic weaponry. Rising gas prices are bad. But what do you do if someone you care about needs amoxicillin? Or chemotherapy. What weapons might the CCP keep secret? You might be surprised at how much China could be canceled if it is canceled in the same way that the West decided to cancel Russia.