Flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Hit by Ukrainian Missiles


Multiple sources in Ukraine claimed Wednesday afternoon that Russia’s flagship Moskva was hit by two Neptune cruise missile anti-ship missile cruise missiles. It can travel approximately 175 miles and be only activated in 2021.

Forbes describes Moskva before Russia invaded.

Moskva is a mobile missile battery of 12,500 tonnes and 612 feet, which is nearly 500 strong.

The 16 fixed launchers can launch P-1000 anti-ship cruise missiles over 300 miles. Rail launchers can also launch 40 Osa rockets.

The cruiser’s sensors allow it to be self-sufficient for missile battery storage. Moskva was the leader of the Russian navy’s seaborne attack on the Republic of Georgia in 2008. He protected three amphibious ships that we’re able to protect the ship, which landed a battalion of naval infantry.

It is not known how many Neptunes Moskva needs to penetrate its defenses. It is not known how many Neptune Ukrainians have.

This is the final question. Enough.

Although the sources that reported the hits were not trustworthy, they were Ukrainian. It was difficult for me to publish a story without neutral verification.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the ammunition was detonated due to a fire on the Moskva Cruiser Missile.

All crew members were evacuated. We are still investigating the cause of the incident.

Russian Defense Ministry stated that the Moskva was severely damaged and that all crew members were evacuated.

How can we learn from this incident?

First evacuate the crew. Second, evacuate the crew.

Second, even if the account was correct, it is impossible for Combat Information Center to maintain any discipline. Just imagine how this discipline would look on a ship without an admiral.

Third, experts believe it would only take six Neptune strikes to stop the Moskva from moving.

Fourth, six Russian equivalents can be made available from the Phalanx Close-in Weapons System to the Moskva.

The political implications of sinking Moskva can have serious consequences. It was the ship that called for the surrender of the Ukrainian troops at Snake Island in the early stages. After receiving the famous reply “Russian warship…go freak yourself”, it was given a stamp from Ukraine.

Totalitarian regimes and those who consider themselves “strong men” are not to be ridiculed. Putin is trying to teach the Ukrainian nedochelovek.

Every tragedy has a silver lining.