FBI has Suppressed Patriots


The FBI raided Jame’s O’Keefe’s home recently. He is the founder and CEO of Project Veritas. This revolutionary news outlet is right-leaning and groundbreaking. O’Keefe calls it an attack upon the First Amendment.

O’Keefe said that he woke up to a predawn raid. Two journalists who worked with O’Keefe were robbed the day before. It was allegedly over a “stolen diary” that a daughter of President Biden, of whom few seem to know, had kept.

The diary contained a lot personal information including the fact that Ashley Biden had taken “probably not suitable” showers with her father as a child.

Why would the FBI want to pursue a diary belonging Biden’s child? It’s likely that the president is showering with his daughter.

I remember a time when FBI chased communists rather than working for them. When will Biden’s Stasi visit O’Keefe’s sources of donors and donors?

If my diary was stolen, I may get a cop to visit me and complete a report. Most likely, I would be asked to fill out a report at the local police station. The FBI would not care, I’m sure.

Was O’Keefe raided by the FBI to learn a lesson from him? They told him to not discuss the raids in his diary. After a New York Times reporter called him one hour into Project Veritas raids and O’Keefe was asked to remain silent, he decided to make the information public. O’Keefe also went public after the FBI told the reporter about his raid. Next thing he realizes, he’s being pushed against a wall wearing only his underwear while his neighbors watch.

Sean Hannity was told by O’Keefe that “this is an attack upon the First Amendment of the Department of Justice.” “I have heard that the process is punishment. I did not understand it until this weekend. This is something I would not wish on any journalist.

It could also be a warning for other conservative journalists. It’s hard to believe that we can not accept it this way. After reading this, will they knock on my door?

The FBI raids on Project Veritas are not surprising. It continues to do more dirty work for the Left.

On and on about the unscrupulous business that the FBI has been involved in (Gen. Flynn or Roger Stone, etc.). But the real question is: Are there any FBI patriots? If so, then where are they?

McCabe and Strzok were all FBI officials of high rank working for the left commies. Where are the good guys, you ask? Two FBI agents are people I know well. I don’t see them engaging with such anti-American behavior. Are honest agents not able to advance? Are agents required to have pinko leanings in order to move up the bureau’s ladder?

The FBI needs an enema followed by a modern Eliot Ness. It would be a GREAT TIME for patriots to come out now.