Elon Musk Latest Move Has Twitter Employees Stressed


You have seen the twists of the Elon Musk story. He bought 9.2 percent of all Twitter shares. Rumors about Musk’s big move started after the news was published. Although this would restrict Musk’s ability to buy shares at 14% it would theoretically give him some input into the decision-making process for the social media company.

However, things changed abruptly. Agrawal issued a statement Monday saying that Musk would not join the board. If Musk’s shares were significantly lower than a majority, this would make it impossible.

Employees are reportedly hyperventilating because of this ambiguity. Bloomberg reports that employees fear the future and have started support groups.

Twitter employees were “super stressed” by uncertainty and “worked together for the week.”

Employees at Twitter were interviewed by the reporter and asked not to identify themselves in order to discuss company operations. Many employees claimed that Twitter’s internal environment had become a shit show after Musk’s deal with them was canceled.

Bloomberg reports that one Twitter employee said Musk was “just getting started” with pushing for change at his company.

It feels so weak that you worry that Elon Musk might make Twitter more open to free speech. His only goal at this stage is to allow people to freely express their opinions and believe what they believe.

It doesn’t seem enough for the many liberals working for the company. It’s not surprising. Tech company employees are raised in a particular culture.

This is absurd since Twitter exists to make money and pay its shareholders. In other words, modern corporate culture allows inmates to run the asylum.

This type of adult hysterical immaturity and adult hysteria is not common. Hillary Clinton would buy 9.2 percent of a company’s stock. But I would not mind having support groups or smelling salts. Because I am a grown-up, and it is ridiculous to panic over something so simple.

Although I wish these employees would change, it is not likely.