Democrats Are Obsessed With COVID-19


Anyone who believes that the “progressives,” who now control the Democratic Party, actually believe in individual liberty and limited government should look at the disturbing results from a recent survey of likely voters.

The Heartland Institute’s January 5 survey, which included 1,016 likely voters and a nationally representative sample, was conducted by Rasmussen. It shows how Democrats support the use of bureaucratic power to impose their vision for responding to Covid without considering the rights or preferences of others.

When asked if they supported President Joe Biden’s plan to “impose Covid-19 vaccination mandate on large business and government agencies,” 59% of responding Democrats responded that they strongly supported it, while another 19% said they somewhat support it.

This is a staggering 78 percent or more than three-quarters of responding Democrats who support the Supreme Court’s policy that was struck down five days earlier.

This is just a start. Take into account the support Democrats gave to other compulsory policies.

  • 55 percent support federal and state government penalties on unvaccinated people.
  • 59% of respondents don’t mind if the federal or state governments confine unvaccinated people to their homes, except in emergencies.
  • 45 percent support confining unvaccinated people in “designated facilities” or other locations.
  • 48 percent of respondents support the federal and state governments’ fining or imprisonment of individuals who “publicly question the efficacy or the existing Covid vaccinations on social media or radio or in online or virtual publications.”
  • 47 percent believe government should have the power to require unvaccinated people to wear a tracker device in order to ensure that they are properly quarantined and social distancing.

Democrats were unable to reach either a large majority or near-majority for the only policy that was suggested by Democrats: having the government take children out of homes where they are not vaccinated. The idea was supported by a mere 29 percent, or one in four.

Faithwire’s Billy Hallowell noted that the survey results were “alive as questions continue to surround the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic — with critics continuing debate over the U.S. government’s handling of it — and ongoing rhetoric and policymaking within some arenas aimed at those who have declined vaccines.”

I am not as diplomatic as Mr. Hallowell. I think these people can’t wait to tell us how to live our lives. Once they have established their control over your body, everything will be open to them.

Or, to put it another way, David Horowitz, an ex-radical New Left activist in the 1960s (from the “Red Diaper”) babies whose parents were self-proclaimed communists, famously stated, “Inside every Progressive, there is a totalitarian screaming for freedom.”