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DC Comics Changes Superman Slogan, No Longer Standing For Truth, Justice And American Way

Truth, Justice And A Better Tomorrow

That is the new slogan for DC Comics’ Superman, labeled the first American superhero since his inception in the 1930s. Though Kryptonian from birth, the Kansas-bred Clark Joseph Kent long fought for one ideal: Truth, Justice And The American Way.

Turns out he never needed Kryptonite to meet his demise: just a bunch of woke losers in a marketing meeting, set to entirely redefine the character’s origins, principles and symbolism. Instead, now embodying the weak, prototypical wokeling of the 21st century.

During a DC conference held Saturday (Oct. 16), they revealed a new motto for the famous American icon: replacing Truth, Justice, And The American Way with Truth, Justice, And A Better Tomorrow.

Attempting to check off a box on the insufferably clueless Hollywood agenda of “inclusivity,” DC has diluted its noble character by making him malleable according to modern culture.

Though liberals like to tout Clark Kent/Kal-El’s origins from Krypton as a faux pas narrative on immigration, Superman’s inherent superpowers and abilities often came second to his principles as an American.

A 1990s op-ed in the New York Times once characterized the identity of Superman as a kid from “the heartland of America.”

Superman “represented the values of loyalty, patriotism and friendship. He stood for something, and nothing in the universe could make him sell out those values.” That was the character — a near 180 from the modern iteration.

In the span of one week, DC has transformed Superman into a bi-sexual, quasi-American superzero — reason enough for Ohio-born creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster to turn in their graves.

DC Comics has shifted their slate of characters’ origins to be more inclusive and, essentially, woke. Hiring notorious race-baiter Ta-Nehisi Coates to develop a new Superman film and putting the character on the frontlines of climate change picketing, it won’t be long before Darkseid’s greatest evil is not using BPA-free water bottles or proper pronouns.

DC originally stood for “Detective Comics.” Now it’s more like “Dirty Commies.”

Author : Alejandro Avila


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