Cuomo Suspended, Carlson Defends Him

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for HBO

Tucker Carlson began ranting about Chris Cuomo just an hour after breaking the big news that Chris Cuomo was suspended indefinitely at CNN. He did however surprise his viewers and possibly himself by defending the liberal anchor.

Carlson mocked Cuomo because of his ego, being a phony, and his continued masking hypocrisy. He then stated that Cuomo was fired because it’s unacceptable to displease billionaires such as CNN President Jeff Zucker, or the elites at The Atlantic magazine. had called for Cuomo to be removed 24 hours earlier in a short, but powerful statement.

In his opening monologue, Carlson stated that “the only thing you cannot do at CNN and the thing they won’t tolerate is to displease the people in control.” This does not only apply to Jeff Zucker, the CEO of the company, but also the billionaires who control our country. Cross them and you’re done.

Fox News host Cuomo claimed loyalty to his family. Cuomo also showed that this concept is “alien”. He called them “ruthless careerists” who would betray anyone in order to succeed.

Carlson stated that “Your first obligation to the state is not to it, it’s no political party or to your career. It’s to you and your family.” Cuomo is an idiot, but he knows that. He did not do the worst thing by helping his brother. It may have been his best act. Andrew Cuomo wasn’t a great person. In fact, Andrew Cuomo was a loathsome man. Andrew Cuomo was Chris Cuomo’s brother, and that’s how you treat brothers, even loathsome ones. They can count on you to help them in times of need.

While some think Cuomo will return, Carlson concluded his remarks by emphasizing familial loyalty.

He said, “Your most fundamental obligation is to those you are related to.” “No matter who they may be, they will need your assistance, regardless of your position in government. Chris Cuomo is an idiot, and he knows that.