CRT is Supported by an Unlikely Organization


Newsweek reported as if there was more evidence that nothing is sacred these days. It stated that The Salvation Army is “incorporating Critical Race Theory (CRT) and using an anti-racist lens throughout its organization to “analyze and also combat racism.”

What does this mean? This means that even traditional acts of charitable holiday giving have been taken over by social justice leftists to be used as a way to gang white people with racial awakening.

Another report states that the Commission is part of a push from the Christian charitable organization to embrace the ideas of Black Lives Matter. This activist group works to, among others, ‘dismantle the Western-prescribed nucleus family structure’ and ‘disrupt white privilege’. ‘”

Most alarming is the SA’s Let’s Talk about Racism resource. It was created to help The Salvation Army family have gracious discussions about how to overcome the harm racism has caused to our world.

A “Study Guide to Racism” is another SA resource within the Commission. It states that “the subtle nature of racism” means that people are able to function with the privileges and empowerment of the dominant race, which is why “a Sunday school curriculum that uses only white imagery and photography” is clearly racist, systemic, and cruel.

Ironic that the Salvation Army Mission statement is still:

An international movement called the Salvation Army is part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based upon the Bible. Its ministry is motivated and inspired by God’s love.

Its mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ without discrimination and to fulfill human needs in His name.

Is there any Bible verse that says we should combat racism by making white people hateful in a cosmic quest for justice? I believe that the meaning of meeting human needs “without discrimination”, has been altered by the social-justice warriors. They are requiring all white people to “assess their current circumstances and work towards just communities” as they think they should be. If that means that it is discriminating against white people, then so be it. Is that following the gospel or preaching?

It is interesting to see that SA is trying to distance itself from the Commission. However, the Commission’s website clearly states: “We’re part of The Salvation Army International Headquarters and our office’s based in New York City.” This seems to me to be an endorsement of The Commission’s mission.