Chicago Public Schools Are Pushing Lefts Transgender Grooming Agenda Behind Parents Backs


Chicago Public Schools, America’s third-largest school district, directed teachers to promote transgender ideology in schools and hide children’s gender identity from their parents. Teachers and faculty were shown a PowerPoint presentation that explained how far-leftist ideas should be used in teaching and building relationships with students.

CPS’s Supporting Gender Diversity Toolkit states that these guidelines were created to help students identify, express, and attain healthy development. This includes academic success and emotional well-being.

Schools that are “affirmative students gender identities” and flexible during transitions are key to their success. This presentation highlights progressive ideas such as intersectionality and gender theory. The CPS teaches teachers how to approach transgenderism. This presentation reminds teachers not to refer to them by the “preferred pronouns”, as that is against District policy.

CPS encourages teachers to use pronouns for signing emails. CPS encourages teachers also to use pronouns for email signatures.

This presentation is about how teachers can be inclusive. This presentation proposes that teachers use their pronouns as a way to introduce themselves to students and then invite them to share these with others.

CPS will address issues that parents might find problematic later in the presentation. Many slides emphasize that parents should not be informed by teachers about their child’s gender identity unless they have permission.

One slide suggests teachers use gender-neutral language in order to make their classrooms more inclusive. CPS suggests phrases such as:

“Hey everyone! ”

“Good morning, folks. ”

“Is everyone ready? ”

It’s not advised that educators use terms such as “boys”, “girls”, or even “ladies and gentlemen”. Chicago Public Schools offers guidelines for teachers and professors regarding transgender students

This type of teaching is occurring all across the country, and as more of this gets exposed, we can expect to see the debate intensify even further. The notion that schools should conceal important information from parents will create even more of a backlash – as it should. If progressives are attempting to instill their way of thinking into students’ minds without their parents’ knowledge, people must push back. Otherwise, those who want children to belong to the state and not to their parents will get their wish.