CBS Makes Bold Tweet Before Rittenhouse Verdict


After critics pointed out that the trial was continuing and that no verdict had been reached, CBS News removed a tweet calling Kyle Rittenhouse “a murderer”. Due to Rittenhouse’s testimony (where he fell while speaking), the tweet was deleted.

According to the tweet Rittenhouse broke down during his testimony, and stated that he had “killed 2 men” as a protest against police BLM. Joseph Rosenbaum entrapped Rittenhouse as he was trying put out a fire. Joshua Ziminski, a second man, started walking towards Rosenbaum, armed with a gun.

Rittenhouse fled, claiming that he was trying escape from the situation. Richie McGinniss, a witness, said that Rosenbaum lunged at Rittenhouse’s rifle just before Rittenhouse shot.

Rosenbaum also threatened Ritterhouse in the early hours of the morning, according to reports. Rittenhouse stated that Rosenbaum would have used his firearm to kill Ritterhouse and other people if he had taken it from me.

According to reports Rittenhouse killed Anthony Huber when he hit him with a skateboard twice and then “pulled away” Rittenhouse’s gun.