Build Back Better Passes


The House Democrats approved the largest increase in social spending in American history by passing a bill that could cost up to $2 trillion.

The vote was delayed by the House Republicans, who were able delay it from Thursday. Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader, took to the floor on Thursday night and continued into Friday morning. This was the longest floor speech ever made by a member of the House of Representatives.

The vote was close, 220-213, with a single Democrat, Jared Golden from Maine, voting against it along with all Republicans.

Friday’s measure represents a radical re-imagining of the government’s role in Americans’ everyday lives. In some cases, it provides historic amounts to help families, businesses, and aid workers. This is to rebuild the economic fabric that has been affected by the financial devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The second milestone in the legislative calendar for Democrats this month is the 220 to 213 House vote on the Build back Better Act. It bears the president’s 2020 campaign slogan. This comes two weeks after Democrats voted with Republicans to pass a separate bill to fix the nation’s roads and bridges, ports, and internet connections. Biden signed Monday’s legislation.

The Post minimized the worst aspects of it. The bill is quite a departure from the usual. This bill will forever change the relationship between the American people, their government. Washington will be more intrusive, dominant, and more visible in the daily lives of the citizens of the country.