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Black Conservative Leaders Speak Out About The Left’s Victim Narrative



‘Somebody Wants Us To Start A Race War’

The reality of racism in America has led to cries for justice across the nation, as the May 25 death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis sparked peaceful protests as well as violence and looting.

But conservative African American leaders say they’re concerned that the message being sent to the nation’s black community is one of victimhood.

“In the community right now, they are teaching the children to be victims,” said Casper Stockham, an author, speaker, and radio show host. “They are teaching them that police are bad and if you are out there, walking down the street, you are going to get shot by a cop.”

Stockham’s concerns were echoed by three other African American conservative activists on the Centennial Institute’s webinar Thursday titled, “The Sin of Racism and America’s Promise of Equality.”

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CJ Pearson, the youngest voice on the webinar at age 17, spoke pointedly about his disgust with the far left’s efforts to politicize the death of Floyd and use tragedy to further its own agenda.

Let’s just be frank about it. Let’s call it disgusting because that is exactly what it is,” said Pearson, founder and president of the nonprofit Last Hope USA, which promotes civics education, adding, “You have Antifa going into black communities and burning those communities to the ground. That is an issue. They are using his death to do that.”

Pearson, who will turn 18 on July 31, also criticized the left for not presenting real solutions to racism and violence but instead calling for police departments to be defunded, an idea he called “not even a serious argument.”

Biff Gore, a pastor and singer, pointed to police unions for not confronting police brutality.

It’s the unions,” Gore said. “The unions need to crack down on rogue cops.”

Pearson and the others were clear that racism is deplorable, but said Americans should not forget the progress the country has made.

“I do believe that racism exists, but I also believe that it’s dying out in our country,” Gore said. “And when something is dying out, you know what happens? It gives a fight. … Racism is fighting to stay alive, but it can’t because we serve a mighty God.”

Gore said Black Lives Matter is a “manufactured organization” that is one of the groups fueling a harmful racist narrative.

If they really cared, they would be in the ’hood stopping black-on-black crime,” he said. “Secondly, they would be outraged at the genocide in the black commuhity at the hands of the abortion mills.”

According to the FBI, 2,870 African Americans were murdered in 2016 and other African Americans were responsible for 2,570 of those killings.

Bound4LIFE, a pro-life advocacy group, estimates that 37% of all babies aborted are black and that for every 1,000 black babies born, another 444 are aborted.

America is facing a serious race problem and at the end of the day that issue boils down to sin, Gore argued, saying the church has to be a part of the solution because ultimately it has the answer in Jesus Christ:

The church needs to be standing on the side of mercy and justice. The church needs to be standing on the side of healing the wounds. … This thing happened with George Floyd. It was awful. …

But then somebody tells me how I am supposed to grieve. Somebody is saying, ‘Pick up some bricks and destroy things,’ and I am saying that is not the way we want to do this. That is not the way we as Christians are to grieve. We fight on our knees by praying. We fight by changing legislation, but not with violence. Violence is never the way.

“There is only one race, the human race,” said Gore, who outlined his own experience with racism when he joined the Army as a young man. “First day in the military, a guy called me the N-word, and we got into a scuffle. I remember calling my dad and my father said, ‘Son, you can either learn how to fight [with your fists] or learn how to fight by learning from the people around you.’”

Gore’s father instructed him to build relationships with those who looked different from him, and promised that through those connections more similarities than differences would be found.

He took his father’s advice and the man he fought with that day became one of his best friends, Gore said, because he was “able to show him that love conquers all.”

“And I was also able to show him that I was his friend,” Gore said.

Unfortunately, not all experiences of racism end in changed hearts and minds, Gore said, which is why what ultimately is needed is a spiritual revival.

The leaders spoke of their own efforts to speak with those who are hurting and angry in the wake of Floyd’s death as they seek to take steps toward a reconciled America.

We know as Christians, we need to meet the needs of the people in that community,” said Antonia Okafor Cover, a gun rights activist and founder of EmPOWERed, a Second Amendment advocacy group for college women. “They are not going to listen to us if we just go there and say, ‘Look, you need to change your mind on this issue.’”

In spite of being six months pregnant, Okafor Cover traveled to Minneapolis after Floyd’s death to talk with people in the community and see for herself what was happening there.

“It was really a benefit to be there,” she said, because instead of all the rioting shown by the media, she witnessed churches and others coming together.

While in Minneapolis, Okafor Cover said she sought to explain the importance of the Second Amendment to individuals and “help people understand the self-defense aspect” of the gun debate.

“But they were so much more open to my message when they saw first that I was helping clean up the area, when I was concerned about their livelihood,” she said.

Real change can’t take place through words only, Stockham said, and change in communities of color requires what he calls “a SPARK: system, plan, access, resources, and knowledge.”

“Somebody wants us to start a race war,” Gore said, “and that is not going to happen, because I believe most people in this country see beyond the foolishness. The woke people have hijacked us, but if we stand on the Word [of God], which is more powerful than anything in this universe, we will overcome.”

Author: Virginia Allen

Source : Daily Signal : Why These African American Leaders Reject the Left’s Victim Narrative


Something New Spotted In The DC Sky



What’s happening right now in DC is bizarre, to say the least, and completely creepy and un-American.

DC looks like a scene straight out of the “Hunger Games,” and it’s creeping a lot of people out, and for good reason.

This is not the “American spirit” on display – it looks like we’re installing Kim Jong Un as the new US president, and it’s not sitting well with anyone, as far as I can tell online.

Biden’s claims that Ameria would experience a “dark winter” appear to be coming true…but he left out the “communist” part.

And now, things appear to get getting even creepier.

Someone just shot a video of a new “object” in the skies over the nation’s capital.

The video claims to be a clip of an “Osprey” flying over DC.

For those of you not hip to “military machinery” lingo an Osprey is described this way online:

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, tiltrotor military aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing, and short takeoff and landing capabilities. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft.

You can watch the video below:

Earlier today the Capitol was shut down and everyone went into complete panic mode when some smoke was seen off in the distance.


Later reports indicate this was some fire coming from a homeless camp, for crying out loud, but you can imagine the “fear porn” the state-run media ran with.

They really want to cook up a story here that MAGA is about to attack the country and that President Trump led this so-called insurrection.

If things are really this “dangerous” then call the whole thing off and do your install in private. There’s no reason, except “political theatre” at this point, to put on this Kim Jong Un “show of force.”

It’s weird, wrong, and further dividing an already divided country.

Author : Missy Crane

Source : Wayne Dupree : [VIDEO] Something New Spotted in The DC Sky…

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Testing For NYC’s Gifted And Talented Student Program Is Deemed Unfair, Will Be Eliminated



Most of New York City’s public schools offer a “gifted and talented” program for aspiring students. Yearly performance tests are offered to identify the kids who are overperforming in the standard disciplines. Those who qualify are entered into advanced placement programs with more demanding curricula, giving them an easier path to admission to better colleges. The programs are open to all and don’t cost anything extra, so every family has the opportunity to try to get their children in.

SEE ALSO: Biden team says COVID travel ban will remain in place — after Trump moves to lift it

Unfortunately for Gotham’s parents, the results have failed to meet the expectations of the woke crowd running the city government. Both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza have repeatedly complained that the testing program is “unfair” because the students who wind up in the program “don’t reflect the diversity of the city’s population.” In other words, not enough Black and Hispanic students wind up in the advanced programs. So how does the brain trust at City Hall plan to “fix” this issue? Easy as pie. They’re going to do away with the entrance tests. (CBS New York)

A big change is coming for New York City’s “gifted and talented” programs for students.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza say the city will start phasing out the entry exam.

Critics have said the composition of the programs do not reflect the city’s diversity.

The Chancellor took to Twitter to attempt to paint some lipstick on this pig.

So you’re going to “reimagine academic and enrichment programming for our most exceptional students?” What does that even mean? You can’t really have an advanced placement program without having some way to identify the students who are truly advanced and would be able to thrive in a more challenging educational environment. Aside from placement testing, how do you propose to do that?

Mayor de Blasio has been railing against the gifted and talented programs for years, but it’s always been a bit of a sticky issue for him to try to handle. The problem is that the “lack of racial diversity” he loves to complain about doesn’t break down in the normal fashion. If it was just a case where the lion’s share of the spots in the program were going to White students, he could simply play the race card and stomp on the programs. Unfortunately for them, that’s not the case. Year after year, the majority of the seats have gone to Asian students.

The difference in results is particularly stark when you look at the scores on a per capita basis. Asians make up only 14.1 percent of the city’s population, far behind Black, Hispanic and White residents. And yet their students outperform the rest by a wide margin. So this largely deprives de Blasio of the chance to play the race card. And if he eliminates the testing program, he’s going to be cutting off one of the city’s minority populations in a massively disproportionate fashion.

Sadly for the students who will be most heavily impacted, when Democratic politicians talk about minorities, they almost always forget about Asians. In their minds, the word “minority” only applies to Black and Hispanic residents, even though both outnumber Asians across the board in all but a few localized communities.

So if you’re going to do away with the admissions testing system, how do you replace that with something that produces your desired demographic result? If it just works out to be some sort of lottery, then why have an advanced studies program at all? You’re not going to randomly pick up the most advanced students. Further, how is that fair to the children? If a kid who isn’t able to score well on the placement tests suddenly gets shoved into a significantly more advanced program, they’re almost certainly going to flounder. Then you have to either boot them back to the regular school curriculum or dumb down the advanced class to the point where they can pass. If you follow the latter route, you’ve eliminated the benefit of having a gifted and talented program in the first place.

This is simply more virtue signaling from the de Blasio administration and racial pigeonholing madness. All they’re going to do is further erode the New York City public school system and make it even harder for kids to get into college. But that’s obviously a small price to pay when you’re trying to make it look like you’re actually fighting racism, I suppose.

Author : Jazz Shaw

Source : Hotair : Testing For NYC’s “Gifted And Talented” Student Program Is Deemed Unfair, Will Be Eliminated

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Dr. Fauci Issues Another Dire Warning As Biden Vows To Lead With Science And Truth



Just when you thought civil unrest and other concerns had taken COVID-19 out of the public eye for a while, Dr. Anthony Fauci pops up again. Because you were not sufficiently panicked over a more contagious strain of COVID-19 found in the U.K., he has some more news. On Meet the Press, he told host Chuck Todd that “more ominous” strains have emerged out of South Africa and Brazil.

What does that mean? He can’t tell you, because they are still being studied. So, without articulating the risks these strains could pose, he injects this warning into the national consciousness. That is flat-out irresponsible in a nation that has been dragged through nearly a year of conflicting information, dystopian mitigation measures that affect the mental and economic health of millions, and the personal destruction of anyone offering any dissenting view to Fauci’s.

Viruses mutate. This is not news. A significant body of research posits that viruses most often mutate to become more transmissible and less virulent. The 1918 influenza that killed millions of people still circulates today. According to researchers from Yale, we needn’t worry unnecessarily about virus mutations, even in COVID-19

It is time to reshape our conception of mutations. Mutations are not indicative of outlandish and devastating new viral characteristics. Instead, they can inform our understanding of emerging outbreaks. Any claims over the consequences of mutation demand careful experimental and epidemiological evidence. Mutation is an inevitable consequence of being a virus.

Dr. Fauci offered no reason to refer to these new strains as “ominous,” or his claim that the U.K. strain is now dominant. There has been no corresponding spike in COVID-19 deaths in states that have been open since early summer. Looking at Georgia’s data, the trend is just the opposite. Despite a higher number of positive tests than in the early days of the pandemic, the deaths with COVID-19 are about half of what they were in the spring. This could be the result of an improvement in the treatment of the virus or because of a mutation to a less virulent strain. We don’t know and won’t without in-depth study.

The new panic porn comes just as President-elect Joe Biden has announced science’s primacy in his administration. He is reportedly elevating the director of science and technology policy to a cabinet-level position:

“We’re going to lead with science and truth,” Biden said at a speech introducing his new appointees in Delaware on Saturday. “We believe in both.”

The last year has been a preview of what happens when science rules all other considerations. There has been incredible pressure to do exactly what the scientists in the federal bureaucracy prescribed. Any outside points of view were quashed by the media, research institutions, and government employees. Letting only science dictate policy has had devastating results because the scientists have narrow expertise and a few goals related to it. Here are a few highlights from a list of the deleterious effects on personal health compiled by Tom Elliot from Grabien:
Deaths increasing among those on waiting lists whose treatment were displaced by COVID-19 lockdowns
Rising suicides nationwide
Drug overdoses in the U.S. have increased by 18%, with 40 states reporting an increase in opioid-related deaths
Lockdown measures for the pandemic could result in an additional 6.3 million cases of T.B. and 1.4 million deaths
25% of Americans 18-24 have contemplated suicide during the pandemic
Delays in treatment and screening for cancer that are forecasted to lead to avoidable deaths that could rival the pandemic
Death tolls from non-COVID-19 causes such as diabetes, heart attacks, and treatable cancers on the rise

This does not even consider the economic damage caused by the closure of small businesses and the effects that may last years for children deprived of in-person learning. This is the fundamental problem with letting science from the narrow field of epidemiology almost completely govern the response to COVID-19, excluding all other concerns.

Science is the pursuit of knowledge and is rarely “settled.” It is also best accomplished outside the government, where the process is not as vulnerable to political and other pressures. Science is not a religion you have faith in. Rather, you believe in the validity and utility of the scientific method. This distinction matters, and the results will be tragic if the distinction is not made.

Author : Stacey Lennox

Source : Pj Media : Dr. Fauci Issues Another Dire Warning as Biden Vows to Lead With ‘Science and Truth’

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