Biden Searches for a Scapegoat

McDOwell News

Joe Biden’s presidency seems to be in decline. While Democrats are happy that the Build Back Better bill passed the House, he still faces a difficult task in getting it through the Senate. His bipartisan infrastructure bill, which he signed last Wednesday, has not made a dent in his popularity. His policies have been historically unpopular.

The inflation monster is now threatening everything. How can Biden reverse this trend?

Biden needs to find an enemy fast. Biden must be able to blame someone else for his failings. He could, in theory, blame the opposition for all his problems. However, Republicans are no longer in power and will not be a credible target until they take control over Congress in early 2023.

Biden will soon pick the lowest-hanging fruit from the scapegoat tree, and blame the enemy of the people presidents have been trying to blame for their failures over 70 years. This is the most successful conglomeration in world history: American oil and gas corporations.

The oil giants aren’t all bad, in fact. They have been the targets of the left for many generations because they are successful. Their monopolistic past practices led to artificially high prices, eliminating most of the competition.

Culture has embraced the image of oil companies as greedy capitalists who are above the law. This makes Biden’s task of creating a villain to represent his presidential morality much easier.

Biden must find an enemy to blame when gasoline prices rise to $4 per gallon. For a Democrat, it’s easy to tap Big Oil for the job.

Profit is the most offensive word in the Democrat’s lexicon. Soon, Congress will hear from brainless Democrats calling for an “excess profit tax.”

Maybe Congress could tax their excess stupidity.

Biden is proposing a conspiracy theory to explain why his policies have resulted in higher pump prices. Is there any evidence that the oil companies are price gouging, Biden? Do you have the memos, recordings, and proof? Where were the meetings that led to this plot being hatched?

Biden claims that higher prices are the “evidence”. Biden has no idea of the industry or the costs involved in doing business. He blames Big Oil for being big and having more money than everyone else, and he indulges in the ignorance of his base. They must be guilty, right?

The oil companies don’t require anyone to defend their interests. They have a lot of lobbyists to help them defend themselves. They have been the scapegoat of half a dozen presidents, and they will again be.

It would be nice if the president accepted responsibility for his failures once in a while and stopped trying to blame anyone else.