Biden Says Sinema Being Chased Into The Bathroom By Activists Is Part Of The Process


When asked about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema being chased into a bathroom by illegal immigrant activists pushing for her to approve his spending package, Joe Biden said that this harassment is “part of the process.”
“Do you think that those tactics are crossing a line?” the reporter asked.

The liberal activists had confronted Sinema in a classroom at Arizona State University in Phoenix and followed her as she entered a stall in the bathroom. They continued shouting at her to support Biden’s “Build Back Better” package and filmed through the entire ordeal.

Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin have refused to support the $3.5-trillion social policy bill, causing massive outrage on the left.

Author : Cassandra Fairbanks

Source : The Gateway Pundit : WATCH: Biden Says Sinema Being Chased Into the Bathroom By Activists is ‘Part of the Process’