Biden Loses Support From Young Voters


Our so-called president Joe Biden says it is almost impossible to keep up with the younger voters.

Those who keep their eyes wide open that is, but some don’t.

First, we’ll address the bad numbers.

It was brought to my attention on Wednesday evening while I was scrolling through Twitter political Tweets rather than setting the tables as promised.

Jeet Heer, a Canadian leftie, spoke out against the “collapse in support for Biden among youth” and called it “a catastrophe.”

Heer noted that this was not an insignificant reason why “Under44”, was the only age group Biden won in 2020.

As we age, our awareness increases.

Let’s be sarcastic. The 18-34 age range is often called “the youth vote” by pollsters. Biden’s support stands at 26 points below his election-day level with a 55% disapprove/9% acceptance rating.

But, wait. There is more.

Yes, and it’s worse.

Derek Thompson, Atlantic’s Atlantic Chief Of Staff calls Biden’s defeat in the youth election “very intriguing” and “very troubling.” This is very similar in tone to Chief Brody telling Quint & Hooper that they “are going need bigger boats.”

Thompson’s results from crosstab analysis of the most recent Civiqs polling data are:

Biden Support Collapses among Young Voters

Biden’s black youth voter lies at the intersection between Always Democrat and Black Youth Vote. Biden has also lost 30 points of support from them, which is below the critical threshold for 50%.

Only 45% support a current Democrat President.

This situation can be described by the following: Unprecedented.

Add some: Dangerous, frightening, and arousing panic.

POLITICO last week admitted that the Democratic Party is “rarely, if ever on such unstable ground with young people” and that the “alienated Youth Vote” is a threat to Democrats.

Most voters are concerned about major issues such as inflation and high gasoline prices. Rick Moran, PJ Media’s communications chief, described it as a “political maneuver by Biden” to assure Americans he isn’t a green nutcase who would like to see your family die during winter.

There will not be an increase in domestic crude oil production This move was condemned by Biden’s young “green” supporters as “ugly dishonesty”.

It’s never a good sign that a president announces anything at 5:00 on Friday. Varshiniprakash is the executive director of Sunrise Movement’s youth-led Sunrise Movement. He stated that President Biden cannot get away with this terrible climate decision.

Biden could simply write to alienate younger voters.

Biden has been confused over the last few years, making it difficult for him to communicate his message for more than 90 minutes.

Pro-maskers, annoyed. Antimaskers are more annoyed

Biden has been irritating almost everyone lately.

Barack Obama once stated, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s power for f***ing up,”

The TikTok video above has almost two million views.

It is possible for a Democrat, who has a handle that reads “Elon Musk pay me student loans” to be evicted by Twitter.

Biden wore one with a large albatross wrapped around his neck.

It could result in his fellow Dems throwing him out of the boat.