Biden Extends An Invitation For Putin To Enter Ukraine


Joe Biden invited Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, to invade Ukraine during his once-in-a-blue-moon press conference.

After warning Putin about a large-scale invasion, Biden seemed to approve of a “minor invasion” by Moscow.

Biden stated, “It all depends on what it does.” It’s fine if there’s only a small incursion, but then we’ll have to start fighting about what to do.

Who are you fighting with? You’d be fighting with other NATO countries, of course. The pathetically weak American leadership caused NATO’s solidarity to crumble.

The US and Germany are at the center of tension regarding the right response. This is why Antony Blinken visited Berlin on Thursday, before meeting with Russian officials in Geneva.

Some differences can be managed. The two main parties of the German coalition will not sell arms to Ukraine. They claim that it is German policy, based upon its war experience, to not send weapons into conflict zones. Robert Habeck, the current vice-chancellor of Germany, suggested that the Greens could provide defensive arms. However, he quickly retreated. The UK, US, and Turkey supply arms.

Germany is not the only one that is avoiding the sanctions that could really hurt and impact the Russian economy. Many countries in northern Europe are dependent on Russian oil. They would be severely affected if they were sanctioned.

Putin being allowed to invade little gives Putin an “out”. This shows that he is not a leader who has enough foreign policy experience to allow the other team to see his playbook.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, rescued him at the end.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, released a statement clarifying that any Russian military incursion in Ukraine would be met by a “severe response.” It appeared that she indicated that a less “reciprocal response” would be given to more limited actions like “cyberattacks” and “paramilitary tactics.”

This statement is not a clarification. It’s a rewrite.

It is quite clear that Vladimir Putin has Joe Biden, NATO, right where he wants them to be: timid, uncertain, hesitant, fearful.

Putin must treat the NATO president with contempt. The danger is that Putin will push on — in Ukraine, Balkans, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, then Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary — until someone backs him.

This president is not the one. This alliance is not for him.