Another High Profile Blow for Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris the vice president continues to be a watery source, with the latest adventure being a high-profile resignation barely a year into Harris’ tenure.

Harris has seen a lot of resignations in the last six months, as previously reported. Symone Sanders, who was a senior advisor/chief speaker, resigned in November. Nine of Harris’s assistants had left her by mid-March. Some accused her of bullying.

Michael Fuchs, Harris’ most significant loss, has now moved on to better pastures.

It was days gone by when high resignation rates were used as an indicator of instability in an administration. Harris was then able to identify the problem.

This is fair enough. It was smart to hire a chief speechwriter. It’s not clear if this will solve the problem, but it sure couldn’t hurt.

This is the standard cringe that Harris delivers.

Harris will be the vice-president, so it is true Harris’ chaos will not end. It will also ensure that there is no staff turnover.

Due to her poor first year, Harris is well-known in America. Harris’ overall positive rating at the moment is only 37 %. Harris has not been a scandal-prone politician.